Zimbabweans looking for man who skipped coronavirus test on return from Thailand

Zimbabwe's health worker wears a protective suit during a training exercise aimed at preparing workers to deal with any potential coronavirus cases at a hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe, February 14, 2020. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo
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The Zimbabwean health ministry confirmed that a man returning to the country from Thailand in February has disappeared before he could be tested for coronavirus.

According to BBC, the health ministry released a statement on Monday saying the 26-year-old suffered from a fever and sneezing. He was referred from a private clinic to Wilkins Infectious Disease Hospital in Harare on Sunday, but “absconded before testing was done”.

His disappearance was reported to police and attempts are being made to contact him at his home address.

The statement said though the man’s symptoms did not qualify him as a suspected Covid-19 case, according to the WHO’s definition, the country’s increased disease control measures meant he was flagged for testing.