Kwekwe Council To Repossess Brick-Making Firm From State Security Minister

Owen Ncube

THE Kwekwe City Council is set to repossess a brick-making company, Brickyard, from State Security Minister Owen Ncube.

The brick-making plant was leased to Ncube in 2006 under the private-public-partnership that the minister entered into with the municipality.

However, council now wants the deal cancelled and the management of the facility.

Speaking to residents recently, Mayor Angeline Kasipo, said council had given Brickyard management three months’ notice to vacate the place.

Kasipo was responding to residents’ questions on why council seemed not to have its own projects and was only dependent on rates from residents and business.

The mayor said although council had failed to run its own projects especially beerhalls, it was going to take over the brick-making firm.

“Council in the past proved to have failed to run its projects. For instance, we had beerhalls, but council had to give those up after we failed to run them,” she said.

“We had to turn some of the beerhalls into clinics while others had to be leased. We had Simba Brewery, it had to go after 15 years accumulating loses. So generally, we failed to run the projects. We, however, want to revive some of these projects,” Kasipo said.

“Brickyard was leased out but we had to give the owners three months notice so that we take over the project and start to produce our own bricks at a profit.” – Newzim

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