The $45 Million grant was not in cash – Mangwana rebuts Dr Labode’s corruption claims

Dr Ruth Labode
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The Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana has taken the time to address a story that went viral on social media yesterday.

Parliamentary Committee on Health Chair Dr. Ruth Labode yesterday accused the government of being corrupt and said why are people paying for COVID-19 tests when Zimbabwe got a donation of $45 Million for test kits last year.

 Responding to the report Nick Mangawan said the donation did not come in hard currency and Dr Labode was misinformed:

Her position is erroneous, possibly misadvised. Yes, Zim was allocated a $45m grant. But the money is not given as cash. Procurement is done in Geneva and in tranches. So far we were given PPEs and some incomplete PCR kits. Most is still there. What corruption?

Maybe I am missing something. Is there someone out there who needed a Covid19 test for clinical reasons (besides for travel or other social reasons) who went to a public institution and was charged for it?

Zimbabwe last year was given $130+ million by different organizations to help the Southern African nation to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source: Nick Mangwana