Parirenyatwa Hospital Staff Honoured For Customer Service

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Staff at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals received awards on Friday for outstanding customer service.

A total of 113 members of staff, among them clinical and non-clinical staff at the hospital including accountants, IT staff, nurses, doctors, general hands, among others, were honoured.

Paediatrician Dr Azza Mashumba and the hospital’s public relations officer Mr Linos Dhire were the notable recipients of the honour.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo said that a lack of customer care is corruption. He said:

Customer care is important because we will also be looking at corruption. Corruption can happen without us not realizing it.

While we are working with our customers, we say some issues, we do some issues but not realizing we are being corrupt. Staff like blackmailing the patients. Its corruption.

I have had so many patients who have come to me and start complaining. At the end of their complaints they end up by saying please don’t say this elsewhere because our relative might not survive.

It will be an element of blackmail, leading to corruption. So we really have to be careful. It’s not just nurses. It’s all health workers, customer care is for all health workers. The person who knows more about the patient is not the doctor.

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