Zupco fares remain unchanged — official

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ZUPCO has allayed fears of fare hikes, dismissing as false reports circulating on social media claiming that the firm had increased its bus fares by at least 30 percent.

Social media, during the Heroes and Defence holidays, were awash with reports that Zupco had increased their charges by 30 percent.

According to the social media reports a $ 0,50 route had been pegged at $2, while $1 and $1,50 routes were said to be up to $4 and $6 respectively.

In an interview yesterday, Zupco chief executive, Mr Everisto Madangwa said fares remain unchanged.

“As Zimbabwe United Passenger Company, we would like to advise our valued commuters that we have not increased our fares as is being reported on social media,” he said.

Mr Madangwa said the false reports had put travellers in panic mode, causing inconveniences.

“ZUPCO would like to express its concern over the malicious social media messages. We urge passengers to disregard the misleading social media messages that are creating unnecessary panic mode and inconveniences,” he said.