Gold Mafia Documentary: Government Muteness Shocks Legislator

Rusty Markham
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Harare North Legislator Rusty Markham has expressed shock at government’s conspicuous silence over the gold smuggling allegations expose in the Gold Mafia documentary last week.

Alajeezera Investigative unit released the first episode of the four-part documentary series that exposes corruption and smuggling of gold on the African continent.

The documentary has brought further attention to the illegal activities in the gold sector in Zimbabwe and has educated people on the darker side of the gold industry.

Speaking in the house of assembly last Tuesday, Markham expressed dismay over the authorities muteness over the recent expose’ by the Aljazeera documentary.

“This week the nation was treated to some media on the gold mafia.

“I am shocked at the silence that the Government has treated this report.

“It is absolutely shocking that we have said and done nothing about it,” he said.

Government has remained mum about the allegations and its next move on the issues exposed by the documentary.

Markham demands response from authorities.

However, Markham has demanded a response from the relevant ministers on the next steps given the detailed information revealed by the documentary.

“My concern is there are four reports that are coming out.

“Could we ask the Minister responsible, whether it is Finance, Home Affairs or Justice, I am not sure, but could the relevant Ministry give us an answer to what is exactly happening on what has been exposed.

“My concern is that we have been definitely silent on the issues of the corruption that has been purportedly shown on the media.

“For example, I would immediately recommend to the Minister to call, as has been called by the public, for an audit or an independent investigation into Fidelity Printers and the RBZ.

In a statement released by Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) the corruption watchdog has recommended suspension of gold mining and trading license for individuals implicated in underhand dealing pending investigations.

Source: Open Parliament