Slow down

Use the last days of your holiday to relax and chill at home. You don’t have to attend all of the events you’re invited to. The less parties you attend, the better your chances of staying alcohol-free.

Avoid explaining yourself

The beauty about being a grown up is that you don’t need to explain your decisions to anyone. Now, bear in mind that this might catch your friends and family by surprise so brace yourself for that. Don’t feel the need to explain yourself when offered a drink, rather ask for something else like water or soft beverage. The more you explain yourself the more they’ll feel the need to pressure you into drinking alcohol.

Say you’re on a detox

People may tell you that your plan will fail, or try to entice you to have just one last one. So avoid telling them that you’re off alcohol for the whole month. Rather say that you’re on a detox for a few days. That way, they will get off your case for a bit, and before you know it you would be done with your month of sobriety.

Be the designated driver

What better way to get friends and family off your back than to offer being the designated driver for the night? That way they can relax knowing someone sober is in charge of taking them home. Rather be safe than sorry.

Focus on the benefits

From clearer skin, to elevated energy levels and weight loss – giving up alcohol can give you a great start to the year. You’ll be more focused on your goals, and may return to work with a new confidence. Giving up booze to start the year may even be your way of quitting the drink completely or cutting down on drinking.

Make it fun

Water and soft drinks can be boring especially if everyone around you is having fun with cocktails. Order a mocktail instead, they’re just as delicious. Plus, no-one will know there’s no alcohol in your drink unless you tell.