Winky D new release ignites debate

Winky D
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THE ‘King of Zimdancehall’, Wallace Chirumiko is popularly known as Winky D has released a new single which has ignited debate among his fans and music enthusiasts.

After his previous album was released on New Year’s Eve in 2020, the single ‘Happy Again’ which was unveiled this Friday seems to have quenched the thirst of his fans if social media is anything to go by.

Music lovers and fans had a lot to say about the long-awaited love song, with social media platforms clogged with various comments.

As expected die-hard Gaffa fans think the musician has gone a notch higher.

“For me, he always lives up to expectation. He takes his time and we were waiting for this song.”

Meanwhile, there were also mixed reactions to Roki’s single titled Mafuta, which was also released this Friday.

Some were of the view that despite the lukewarm lyrics the visuals were up to standard.

Discussions are still on which song will be the song of the year with Winky D’s Happy Again now trending on YouTube with more than 215 000views while Roki’s Mafuta is a little over 52 000.