Tyler Perry involved in car accident

Tyler Perry
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The 52-year-old actor was driving his Bentley and became involved in a collision with a vehicle driven by a female driver who had “cut across three lanes”, but both have escaped uninjured.

A source told PEOPLE: ” Tyler is absolutely fine, as is the other driver. The other driver cut across three lanes of traffic, right across Tyler’s path, and unfortunately his car hit her driver’s side.”

The crash reportedly took place “just minutes” after the ‘House of Payne’ star had left the airport, and the woman driving the other car admitted that she caused the collision, according to TMZ.

Photos obtained by the outlet show Tyler’s white Bentley to have been completely smashed, but no one suffered “serious” injuries or even needed to be checked in hospital.

Fortunately, a police officer was on hand at the scene to divert traffic around the accident, but sources claimed the crash “wasn’t enough” to generate an official report from cops.

Tyler and the other driver plan to handle the matter privately.

Meanwhile, the filmmaker recently confirmed he will be resurrecting his elderly lady persona Madea for ‘A Madea Homecoming’, which will premiere on Netflix in 2022, after previously retiring his famous alter ego in 2018.

In a clip shared on his social media accounts, Tyler slipped in and out of Madea’s voice and said: “Hey, guess what’s happening? Madea’s coming to Netflix.

“We need to laugh, man, too much is going on in the country. We need to laugh, so, I was done, but she’s coming back. Madea on Netflix. I can’t wait.”

As well as starring in the film, Tyler will also write and direct the movie.