Singer ropes in Zexie Manatsa in first gospel album

Zexie Manatsa
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Most successful people have had their big dreams knocked down and do not always have things go their way. But they never give up hope, they really just hold onto it. They just keep getting up and getting up, until they get their breakthrough.

The story of an up- and-coming local gospel artiste who recently launched a seven-track gospel album featuring music legend Zexie Manatsa titled Zaoga Yafamba makes interesting reading.

In an interview with B-Metro, Magimus Moyo Sakala, 47, of Barham Green suburb said she was happy to have released her first album. 

“I never thought I would launch the album because of so many obstacles. I am so happy that I have managed to fulfil my goals,” said Sakala.

At the age of eight Sakala was already passionate about singing.

“I started singing in church at Sunday school when I was eight years old. As I got older I sang in the praise and worship team at Zaoga and I used to compose songs for crusades. Most members of my church would tell me to record my songs but I kept on delaying because of various challenges,” said Sakala.

Sakala’s songs are about worshipping God in truth and in spirit and perhaps what is interesting is that back in 1995 when she was leading a worship song Manatsa got saved.

“Manatsa had attended one of our services in 1995 and he was drunk. I was leading a worship song during that service and that is when he got saved. From there onwards he has always encouraged me to sing more and to record.”

Some of the songs featured in the album are The Big Book, You Are All I Need and Alpha and Omega.