Katt Williams becomes public enemy No.1 following explosive interview

Katt Williams
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US comedian Katt Williams must have known he would be stepping on necks during his three-hour interview with Shannon Sharpe on his Club Shay Shay podcast.

Not one for holding back, Williams rubbed people up the wrong way in the entertainment industry, especially his fellow comedians.

However, this time there might be no turning back as he aimed and fired at the likes of Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey.

Probably one of the most outrageous of his claims was Harvey Weinstein offering to “suck my penis in front of all my people at my agency.”

The stand-up comic rehashed an old beef by accusing Cedric the Entertainer of stealing his jokes, and said he wasn’t a real “entertainer.”

“We found out he can’t sing, can’t dance, and doesn’t write jokes,” he told Sharpe.

“He did four comedy specials. They’re so bad, Shannon, they’re not available on Netflix or Tubi.”

In response to Williams’ accusations, Cedric took to social media to set the record straight.

“Regardless of whatever Katts opinion My career can’t be reduced to One Joke Katt Williams claims as his,” Cedric wrote.

“I been over 40 movies, my specials and brand speaks volumes for I am.”

When it came to Hart, Williams didn’t hold back either.

“They tell you there’s no gatekeepers, but we keep seeing the same person open the gate,“ added the Emmy Award-winning star.

“Didn’t Kevin let Tiffany [Haddish] in? … What do you mean ain’t no gatekeepers? There’s a hundred gates out here.”

On the topic of Harvey, Williams blankly said: “You couldn’t be a movie star. There are 30,000 new scripts in Hollywood every year.

“Not one of them asked for a country-bumpkin Black dude that can’t talk good and look like Mr Potato Head.”

Williams also touched on the current controversy surrounding Diddy and TD Jakes, saying: “All lies will be exposed.”

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