Dave Chappelle at it again with his latest Netflix special ‘Dreamer’

American comedian Dave Chappelle is back poking fun at the transgender community, politicians and even gave his view on the Chris Rock and Will Smith slap saga in his latest Netflix special, ‘Dreamer’. Picture: Danny Moloshok / Reuters
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The moment Netflix announces that American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle has a new special about to come out, there is one community of people enraged the most by it – the transgender community.

In his previous specials like “The Closer”, “The Age of Spin”, and “Equanimity”, Chappelle also goes hard on the transgender and gay community with jokes that often cause a social media stir.

The 50-year-old’s latest Netflix special, “Dreamer”, directed by Stan Lathan, is no different.

Chappelle also got a little deeper with his feelings during the latest special and opened up about performing at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington DC, 24 years after his first performance in the US capital.

The veteran stand-up comedian led the audience on a journey detailing the first time he got to meet an idol of his, Jim Carrey, another American comedic legend.

Chappelle also joked that if he ever was sentenced to prison in California, he would tell the judge that he identified as a woman and should be sent to a female prison, poking fun at the Bear State for its laws and views on the LGBTQ+ movement.

The Jim Carrey story led to Chappelle’s arguably funniest transgender joke of the show, explaining that Jim Carrey was acting like someone else when they met because he was in character for a movie and did not want to break character.

The film was about American comedian Andy Kaufman.

Chappelle talks about how his friend Norm Macdonald took him to meet Carrey after the death of his father, which rendered him “inconsolable” until he met the ‘Ace Ventura Pet Detective star.’

“From the time he woke up to the time he went to bed at night, he would live his life as Andy Kaufman. I didn’t know that, when they said cut, this n***a was still Andy Kaufman.

“So much so, that everybody on the crew called him Andy. I didn’t know that; I just went there to meet him.

“I walked into the room and screamed, ‘Jim Carrey!’ And everyone said ‘NO! Call him Andy’,” he said in the special.

Chappelle talked about how excited he was to meet Carrey, but disappointed that he acted like Andy Kaufman and not the idol he wanted to meet.

“I was very lucky to have seen him immersed in a role like that. But as it was happening, I was very disappointed,” he added.

“I wanted to meet Jim Carrey and had to pretend he was Andy Kaufman all afternoon.

“Anyway, I saw all that to say; that’s how trans(gender) people make me feel,” Chappelle concluded the joke.

The Mark Twain Comedy Award recipient also touched on the Oscar’s slap incident between Will Smith and fellow comedian Chris Rock.

Chappelle said he laughed at Rock for around three months, until a similar incident happened to him during a performance, as a homeless man rushed the stage and attacked him at the Hollywood Bowl.

“For a homeless guy, this n***a had incredible seats,” Chappelle joked.