Christina Aguilera: Touring’s less narcissistic now

Christina Aguilera
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Christina Aguilera feels her touring is less “narcissistic” now her children – Max Liron, 10, and Summer Rain, four – come along with her for the ride.

The ‘Genie in a Bottle’ hitmaker has brought her kids – Max Liron, 10, and Summer Rain, four – on the road with her for her Liberation Tour and it has completely changed the experience for her.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “It’s a lot of extra work. But it’s amazing. It’s actually why I was hesitant because it’s a lot to juggle, so many hats and so many things at the same time.

“I’m ultimately Mama Bear, so whenever we check into a hotel, it’s hard. Sometimes it’s four in the morning, but it’s not all about me. It’s different from touring when you’re 21 years old. It’s very narcissistic, and all you think about is yourself. All you have to think about is yourself, and now you’re thinking about the blankies and the favourite stuffies and it’s all the mom stuff.”

Almost 20 years to see you in concert and it was everything I thought it’ll be PLUS MORE! Liberation Tour is a theatrical, magical moment that everyone should experience. Best night of my life by far. I’m in love with you.

Meanwhile, Christina previously revealed she took a decade off from touring to be with her family.

She said: “Being a mom is really important to me and I’m a very hands-on mom. I never want them to feel that they live in my shadow or that they are not important. I don’t wanna be that kind of mom, so I took some time off for them. But momma needs to go back to what she’s meant to do.”

And the mother-of-two feels “fulfilled and alive” after returning to the stage.

Referring to her opening show in Florida, she wrote: “What an amazing warm welcome back to the stage after 10 years (too many!) – felt like coming HOME again!! Thanks to all of you in Florida for your beautiful energy. I feel fulfilled and alive and cannot wait to see you Fighters in New Jersey on Friday. #LiberationTour (sic)”