Zimbabwe’s unemployed graduates hope for 2019 better Zimbabwe

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HARARE – Calls for equipping the girl child with educational skills have been growing louder across the world with Zimbabwe being one of the countries to partake in the ‘‘every girl child in school campaign.’’

This development has seen most girls attaining tertiary education with greater hopes that the education will uproot them from poverty and usher them into the emancipated zone of opportunities.

A quick chat with three former students of the Women’s University in Africa unveiled the current emerging crisis affecting most female Zimbabwean graduates in the face of harsh economic situation.

We caught up with Monica Chombe, 29, Getrude Nindi, 23, and Amanda Chaniwa, 26, to discuss issues surrounding their expectations of the recent launch of our re-branded sister paper Daily News on Sunday.

Chombe said she has great expectations from the Daily News on Sunday she is hoping that it would provide a platform for young women to tell our stories and be heard.

“As someone who is looking for employment, I expect to be able to access job adverts from the paper. One thing that the world should know is that education alone is not enough if there are no opportunities for us to show and implement our knowledge.

“The world is a harsh place for any woman who has no source of income. We end up being forced into marriage as a getaway from poverty, and being prone to gender-based violence.

“So all we asking for is for government to also ensure that it provides opportunities of employment on top of creating spaces for education,” said Chombe.

Nindi said the re-branding is indeed a noble idea. “We want to see more of women in education and less of models. I am grateful for the opportunity which the paper will provide for unemployed graduates, as we will be able to see job opportunities in the paper and try our luck.”

Chaniwa said the issue of unemployment is a very sensitive topic. “It pains me to know that our peers resort to selling their bodies on the street in order to get money and as means of survival.

“The scorn that you get from people who would laugh at you saying your education did not amount to anything as you will be struggling like everybody else, strikes deep into the heart. . However, I hope the coming in of Daily News on Sunday will ease our struggle as we will be getting job adverts.”