Zimbabwe in six-year dominance of ACCA

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ZIMBABWEAN students pursuing studies with UK-based professional accounting body ACCA have consistently topped pass rates in Africa, underlining the country’s academic excellence.

Speaking at the recent 2017 Premier Business Finance Awards, where TelOne CEO Mrs Chipo Mtasa was the guest of honour, ACCA Sub-Saharan head of marketing and planning Dr Alex Mswaka said Zimbabweans’ academic performance had prompted the body to come up with incentives to help them continue with their studies.

“For some of you who might not be aware (of) ACCA, we are a global organisation. We have over 640 000 members and students across the world. In Africa, for your own information, we are in 41 countries; we have a member or student in 41 countries, and over 100 000 members and students just in Africa.

“Every time results are out, everyone is always talking about Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been consistently, for the past six years, been topping results, pass rates in Africa.

“We have tried together with management of ACCA to try to get some incentive, prices to help our Zimbabwean students. I think you have seen there is a lot of prices and incentives we have introduced in the market … This is because of the brand you have established for being the best in the country,” he said.

Premier Business School, a private school founded in 2012 and registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, has had students that have excelled the most in Zimbabwe.

And ACCA is very particular about organisations it partners with.

Mr Mswaka said: “As ACCA, we encourage students to obtain their tuition from ALPs (approved learning partners) and platinum tuition providers. These tuition providers would have attained our highest level of accreditation.

“In order for one to attain platinum of ALP status, there is a rigorous vetting process that us undertaken to ensure that the tuition provider has met ACCA global standards including student performance.”

ACCA approved learning partners’ statuses – which are divided into three categories (silver, gold and platinum) – give formal recognition to learning providers.

And Premier Business School is the only ACCA platinum tuition provider in the country, according to Mr Mswaka.

After consecutively achieving high pass rates for its ACCA students, the ACCA UK board awarded the business school with the ACCA gold tuition provider status in 2013, which was subsequently upgraded to platinum in 2015.

The current status therefore positions the private college in sixth place in Africa for quality ACCA tuition providers.

ACCA has 16 joint exam partnerships with national accountancy bodies around the world that allows their trainees to qualify using the ACCA Qualification structure.

Currently the organisation is working with accountancy bodies in Cyprus, Malawi, Botswana and Zambia to establish joint continuing professional development programmes.

It also has more than 80 global partnerships with accountancy bodies, universities and international donor communities.