Zimbabwean ageing tyrant says ready to sweep away MDC

Robert Mugabe

The following is a transcript of President Mugabe’s address at the Sixth Presidential Youth Interface in Gwanda yesterday.


Nhasi Mai havapo.

Pavakatsikwa nemota, chironda chavo hachisikupora. Vakaenda kuSouth Africa. Tinovimba kuti vachadzoka nhasi. So, vose vakabata chigaro cheWomen’s League vari pano nevateveri vose vechigaro ichocho; Madzishe edu, maChiefs of the province, I offer you my greetings.

Vamwe vasiri vomusangano – dzimwe nguva vauyawo maguests edu – ah, tinoti maita zvakanaka.

That’s the new baptism you are having, coming to a meeting, a huge rally of this nature organised by our youths.

Saka, toda kutanga nekutenda mayouths edu through Cde Chipanga nachairman we youth kuno kuprovince – tanga tamusiya – nemi vakuru vemusangano, madzimai nevarume vakakubatsirai kuti mukwanise.

It was a hard. . .I want to call it a hard geographical struggle to organise for this meeting. But here you are. Makangozvipira kuti we will do it. We will do it. Other provinces have done it. So, Mat South must not be left behind. We need you. We need you very much.

Ndirikutaura, we still have tears on our cheeks. Takarasikirwa naBabazala vangu (Cde Naison Khutshwekhaya Ndlovu). We miss him today. We shall miss him in future for all times. Ndinofunga munovaisa mundangariro dzenyu. We must continue to pray for him so that he has eternal rest.

Asi ka, ndiro gwara redu tose. That’s the road, the destiny of us all. Tiri muprovince yatinoremekedza zvikuru kuru; province ine record, ine gwara remusangano, gwara rokutsigira musangano. Ine history zvakare.

Hakusiko here kwakabva Umdhala Wethu? Kwemakore nemakore, I worked with him.

I worked with him when we went to our final meeting with the British at Lancaster House. And we discussed the future of our country, the very Independence that we are enjoying now, with the government of Madam Thatcher.

Tisu taitungamirira delegation iyoyo.

Well, he, too, is no longer with us. But his spirit continues to be with us. His track record that he charted is still with us.

When I was told that our meeting or next interface rally will be in Mat South, quite a number of events came to my mind; events that linked me with you, tichitungamirirwa naBaba Nkomo.

Taiita musangano kunaana Kezi. Taisvika kuno nekuBeitbridge tichiita musangano; kunaana Plumtree tichiita musangano naUmdhala Wethu.

Tozoenda kumaelections: We would be sure not to lose. But in some cases, here and there, we did not make it. After this meeting, which I am sure is pleasing him where ever he is, with all the others he is resting with – Stephen Nkomo, NK labanye bonke – vatakarasikirwa navo from this province.

Province ine mawonders edu eMatopos, eMatonje. This is where VaMzilikazi, grave ravo, also is to be found.

And these are our pioneers ve Independence yedu. But Independence, of course, which gave us an opportunity of using it now as an instrument to help South Africa, Namibia to get their independence.

Saka, tese, we still relate to the South Africans. ANC and President Zuma; whatever the South Africans or some of them might say about him, we will just relate to him in a proper way as he is the current President of the ANC.

It is with the ANC that we have, for a long time, had a partnership. It is that which we continue to relate to; with those either in Zambia, Angola, South Africa. (They) remain our comrades because we were in the same trenches with them.

So, hatiti zvatakawana Independence, tose hushamwari hwedu hwakapera. Hatidaro. That friendship which we created during the struggle continues to be the friendship we work with in developing our countries and sharing ideas. That’s why there was the creation of the Southern African Development Community.

I will tell you a story of some of our adventures in the party we had formed together, Zapu, under the leadership of uMdhala.

VaJZ Moyo was our Treasurer. By the way, JZ Moyo was my best man when I married my first wife. So, we had so much great unity.

So great was our unity that we were able – throughout all provinces in the country – to stand on our own. And we used to get lots of subscriptions, lots of contributions from our businessmen, from our members. So many, so much money had enabled us to sustain our organisation.

We championed during that period for the release of four of our leaders who had remained in detention; Nyandoro, Nyagumbo, Madzimbamuto and Chikerema, and they were all released and joined us. They joined us, some of them, with good spirits.

They had been pioneers of our struggle and had remained in jail and detention when all the others had been released.

They formed a comradeship with us, and amongst them was a cousin of mine, we had grown together; Chikerema.

He was the spokesman of these four. By nature, he used to assert himself in any group in which he was to be found.

UBaba Nkomo said to VaChikerema, “Accompany me. I want to visit friendly countries like Tanzania, Zambia and Egypt.”

They did so together, then they went further to Britain. Unbeknown to us, Chikerema had other thoughts, and he used to say he had the president in his hands.

“I am holding Nkomo like this in my hands, aya.”

But his little hands could not hold Nkomo that way (laughing) because he was a very lean person. He thought he had more influence than Nkomo.

“If I let go of my hand, Nkomo will come down crashing.”

That is, you know, the pride he had.

So, he influenced Umdhala that, “Ah, when we get back, let us influence our people to form a government in exile.”

So, the idea came from Chikerema. It was not our idea at all as a whole or JZ, Msika, vose. And the youth, led by Dumiso, were opposed to it.

But Chikerema said, “No, you are the president. Let not these oppose us.” But we had not yet prepared ourselves for it.

Anyway, so there was that decision, a bad decision, really, that was made and we were all to go to Zambia first then to Tanzania.

But we decided then to go to Tanzania the year the OAU was formed, 1963. Hence, what you know is I went out through Inyanga and Mozambique – my late wife and I; there was this issue about a government in exile.

All the others had left the country for Tanzania. JZ and I had doubted it, so we remained behind. Then JZ came to me and said, “Ah, Robert, these people have gone out. When they start their things and those things fails, they will blame us. Let’s rethink our position and let’s follow them.”

I said okay JZ, and he said, “Okay, I will go ahead of you and I will make arrangements for you in Bulawayo. When I get to Botswana, I will also make arrangements for us to stay there for a couple or so days, and to charter a plane to Tanzania.”

So, how was I to go?

My wife and I left Harare for Bulawayo. Arrangements had been made for us to stay in Bulawayo for a couple of days. Arrangements had also been made for us to have a car take us to Botswana. So, when we got to Bulawayo, Dumiso and uSkwili. . . USkwili liyamazi?

They had accompanied us to Botswana, and had secured a car from an Indian friend.

So, on the day that JZ had agreed with me kuti it should be the day the journey would start, we had uSkwili loDumiso.

I do not know why Dumiso has done what he has done and left thina. We worked with him as youths until he matured to become a leader.

So uSkwili layo Dumiso accompanied us by car, and we came through here, crossed the river and got to Botswana.

It was Easter week, I still remember, Good Friday.

There was a plane chartered by JZ. We flew by that chartered plane right up to Zambia, Ndola and right up to Mbeya.

Dumiso and Skwili remained in Botswana and then they returned to Bulawayo, but Dumiso was against it.

He said, “Ah, madhala wethu, what is this?” I said, ah well, this is a decision that others had agreed on.

So, we got to Mbeya and finally to Dar-es-Salaam. We were able to attend. We joined the others there; VaNkomo and others as observers.

A number of us, of course, led by Umdhala, attended the formation of the Organisation of African Unity in Addis Ababa as observers.

What happened afterwards, of course, was the split between Zapu and Zanu.

It is one event we regret and we regret in our march to freedom. But these things happen. When they happen, you do not lie and say aah, we are doomed.

If they have good leaders, they will sit and discuss, and find a way forward. That is what we had to do in 1976 in Dar- es-Salaam.

We were urged there also, by the presidents there, especially by President Nyerere, to form the Patriotic Front.

This was now in 1976 on the eve of the Geneva Conference.

When we went to Geneva, we were now once again together as the Patriotic Front. That meeting did not succeed because the British delegation was not serious. So, we came back home to raise the struggle once again.

But we had formed the Patriotic Front, and it is the Front that we still have. We did revise it later, defined it a little more.

However, when we sat after Geneva in Maputo to refine it, JZ was still alive.

But hardly three weeks afterwards, when we came to Zambia, there was that bomb that claimed his life, and it also injured the late John Nkomo.

So, our struggle was a struggle of leaders who did not accept this unity.

We found ourselves once again after the formation of Zanu, and here we are. We are together and we hope you, as you discuss the party and party programmes, will ensure all the time that you are united and the leaders must ensure that they are not divided.

Because most of the divisions that we hear about within the party provincial structures seem to come from above.

Vana Vice-President, Mohadi, Langa, Resident Minister vedu. I also met uSK who has just recovered from his illness. Then there are the ladies, loDamasane labanye.

Keep the people together, keep the people. Let us help them and help prevent our youngsters border jumping to go to South Africa.

I know that in this province, especially the southern part of the province, the Kalanga area and the Beitbridge area, there is a tradition or at least there was, that a man is not a man unless he has been to South Africa to work there and then come with certain goodies and clothes for the wives.

I was here teaching in 1945 at Empandeni.

I realised that the majority of women who were coming to the mission to be assisted, had their husbands, all of them, working in South Africa.

So, going to Joni is no longer necessary. The conditions there are not better than the conditions created after Independence here.

There is land for you, which is a gain of the suffering that men and women from here together with others from other provinces went through.

We are going to celebrate the day after tomorrow, Heroes Day.

Heroes Day leads us to take to heart what those who fought for the struggle and died for it left behind.

It is not an honour to them, not respectful to them when we do not want to recognise what they fought for at Lancaster House. Chiro chatakasokwidza kumusoro sechichemo chevanhu vedu.

The number one grievance was the loss of our land as the British settlers took it from us. And that was the number one grievance we talked about.

Yes, we said you have agreed for our country to be set free. We were addressing the British delegation at Lancester House.

But within that freedom, within that Independence, we must secure our land through a process of land acquisition which should be supported by you, the British.

Then the issue of compensation arises.

Ndochichemo chokutanga chatakasusukidza. Zvose zvimwe zvakazotevera mushure kuti civil service yedu must reflect in terms of the proportions and efforts which our population holds. . .zvose zvakazotevera shure.

Izvo nezvema assembly points kuti anoiswa kupi; tinoda mamwe kuti aiswewo munzvimbo dziri pedyo neHarare, which is a capital.

But number one grievance is the land. We baptised the land when we said to the colonisers this is our country, ilizwe lethu.

Zimbabwe yakafirwa nevana vedu. Zimbabwe yavayenyu iye zvino in the context of freedom. Yavayedu tose.

No aggrandisement, no. We must be fair in our distribution of it; whether we are leaders or just ordinary people, we need the land. We need it on an equal level.

Zvino kuti tinzwe kuti maleaders, vamwe vane 3 000 hectares or more, when others have just 500 hectares or less than that, maplots, that’s not fair.

Tose tinoda.

Thank God for giving us abundant rain, which covered nearly all parts of our country. Kwakanaya mvura yakakomba, including this province, normally our dry province (Matabeleland South).

Vanhu vakarima. We are happy. Mombe dzakanga dzaakufa, dzimwe dzakanga dzafa kare. Zvipfuyo zvedu, zvomumatondo zvakararama. Even our birds, as they fly, were happy.

Now, tinoda kuti titaure nemaprogrammes edu. We agreed in Government that we should now change our system of agriculture, or perhaps not quite change, but add to the old system, a new programme.

Makanzwa vanhu vachitaura neCommand yeagricultural system. We said to ourselves, tapihwa mazano anga abva kunaFirst Lady vataurirana naVice-President Mnangagwa, system yacho.

System yacho yanyatsogadzirwa zvakanaka.

Ndozvatakaita last season; zvekuti vose varipadyo nemvura, madams – big or small – let them be brought in the system, vapihwe mainputs: seed, fertiliser, machemicals and equipment.

Varimirwe. Tinotenda makabvuma. Tinotendawo mayouth edu makabatsira zvikuru kuru.

Zviya zvekuti ndisu tine the so-called basket rokufidha Africa yose zvaparara, and vamwe vaiti chionayi makatanda varungu. Ndakanzwa Tsvangirai achiti, “Munotora mapurazi evarungu. Muchafa nenzara.”

Ah! Takatora ka. Takatora, first and foremost, because the land is ours. The farms were ours in terms of their being part of the land.

Yes, Zimbabwe yese takanga taitora. We had fought, suffered and died for it. So, do not expect again a repeat. Asi tinoda kuigadzirisa apa neapo.

But it was not the only programme yaivepo.

There was also the Presidential Well-Wishers Agricultural Inputs Scheme yenzvimbo dzaavo vakanga vasina mvura pedo, but who expect to carry out their agriculture, depending on the rainfall.

Nemvura yakanayawo yekudenga, and it helped even those, as I said, who did not have dam water next to them. We would also want you to continue.

You have the choice as to what you should grow.

Zvino, we are still harvesting maize. Chatisina kufunga, it was the storage aspect of the maize as it is yielded.

Matura azara.

Masilos azara, and taakumhanya mhanya, trying to do what we can to preserve the harvest. But ndinofara the majority of you supported the programme.

Mazviona ka – that’s what the party can achieve when we work together.

VaChipanga, you have demonstrated that when your youth wing, which is an organ of the party, is united. And thank God, you have managed to unite the Youth League.

Tinokutendayi. Siyabonga. Siyabonga kakulu. You have done what the Youth League in the past could not do.

But this comes out of leaders and a leader with a vision; a leader who can think of programmes, assisting the cause with others.

We did not think out this for you.

Ndimi makatouya muchiti, “Tine programme yokukutendayi nekuti makabata African Union pamwe chete neSadc as Chairman zvakatifadza. Zvakafadza Africa yose.”

Zvakatipawo mbiri.

Zvakaita kuti vakanga vasingazive kuti Zimbabwe yakamira papi, they started now, having new thoughts or having themselves to respect Zimbabwe.

The programme offended others. MaBritish vakatsamwa. Vachirikutsamwa kuti ah, nyika iyi ichiri kuramba ichigona kuzvitonga kwakadayi in spite of the sanctions.

We still have sanctions imposed upon us by Britain.

I mean, it’s nonsensical, absolutely stupid, kuti because we want our land, some other country abroad regards that as a sin.

But God gave us the land. He didn’t give it to Britain.

Handioni muBible ini chapter neverse inoti apa, apa Mwari akazoti kuna Tony Blair ndiwe wandirikupa simba rekuti usimbaradze Mwari nokutora nyika inonzi Zimbabwe.

Hazvimo muBible izvozvo.

Hameno kuti Tony Blair akazviona kupi. Kungotarisa nyika yedu achiti yakanaka. (Responding to the crowd) Imbavha nhai? Eeh, chokwadi! Imbavha! Ndakazviona imbavha, mataura chokwadi.

Pavakaita hwuviri hwavo naBush. Zvikanzi, “Haa, ngatiyendeyi kuIraq. Saddam Hussein anemafuta, diesel yakawanda pasi penyika yake. Saka, kuti tinyatsoende pachena, vanhu vanozoti koo makuenda ikoko kunotorera munhu ane zvaakapihwa naMwari? Saka, ngatitsvageyi zvatingamunenere.”

But Saddam Hussein was doing what is contrary to the United Nations. Ane zvombo zvinouraya nesimba rekuuraya vanhu. He has weapons of mass destruction; haana masmall guns chete, asi ane maweapons emass destruction. Mabhombu ekuti rikakandwa apa kunofa mazana nemazana.

“Ndozvombo zvakanzi zvisingabvumirwe painternational law yedu zvine munhu uyu anotungamirira Iraq. Anazvo. Zvakavigwa muIraq.”

Saka, Bush akati, “Regai nditange ndaenda kuUnited Nations, dzimwe nguva vangabvume kuti tiende ku Iraq tinomubvisa titore zvombo izvozvo.”

Vakaenda kuUnited Nations yakaramba. Yakati, “Hatidi.”

Bush akati, “Ah, makaramba muchidaro, musingade, ini ndaakutumira mauto eAmerica with or without UN.”

America went to invade Iraq. Ndokutobva vatumira mauto ku Iraq zviya. Uyu Bush akange aita nyaya dzekuba. Akange aakuita humbavha zvekare muZimbabwe, asi takange tamutadzisa humbabvha hwake.

Ndokunge ati neniwo.

Saka, mbavha mbiri idzi, Bush naBlair, ndobva vaita hushamwari hwavo voga voga zvavo.

Bush akati, “Pfuti tinandzo.” Blair akati, “Yes, I will give you support.” Ndokubva vapinda mu Iraq. Havokavo! Hondo!

Saddam akati, “Ko, chii ichi chamaita?” Akati avande mumapako, kuti kupi? Vakamudzukunura.

Ndokubva vati haaa, havangamurege arimupenyu. Kana! Vakafurira tumwe tumasojawo tweIraq kuti mupfureiwo. Ndokubva apfurwa, ndokufa.

Bush watuma mukoma wake. Hoyo necompany yake yokusveta mafuta, diesel, kuIraq. Hamheno kuti vaigovana here naBlair.

Pane mamwe maBritish muparamendi vaibvunza kuti, “Ko, makaenderei kuIraq? Mhosva yavo yaiva yei?”

Mushure mekunge vaguta mafuta aye, vakati, “Ah, takatadza. Kwakanga kusina pfuti dzerudzi irworwo. Hakuna. He did not have weapons of mass destruction.”

Vazadza matumbu zvino nemari inobva ikoko. . .

This is a warning: moziva kuti tine mbavha dzakadaro dzinoti idzo tisu tinoziva kutonga zvepasi pano. Ndokusaka tinemasanctions atinawo aya.

Chionayi uyu Blair uyu. Akatsamwa nekutora kwatakaita nyika yedu tichibvisa mumaoko emaBritish colonialists.

Hezvo, zvaakaenda achibatsira sahwira wake kuIraq kuti azoti ah, ndirikudawo kuti tiite action yekutora Zimbabwe.

Akaenda kunyika dzatakatarisana nadzo, akasvika Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa neNamibia achiti ndoda kuita invade nyika yeZimbabwe nemauto angu.

Vaye vakati aiwa. Vakati, “Saka tibvumirei?” “Tiwane nzvimbo dzatinomhara, dzatinombogara kuti tichibva ikoko, masoja edu anoyambukira kunorwisa Zimbabwe.”

Vaye vese vakaramba, one by one.

Ndiye aakutozvitaura iye zvino, kutozvinyora mubhuku. Kusanyara. Kusanyara. Kusatya. Shame on him! Shame!

He wanted to invade because of our land. Shame on him! Shame! Avo vobva ku Iraq kuno vatadza.

Ndanga ndasiya yekuti vakazoenda kuEuropean Union, kuvarungu, ndichiti ah, handingataure nezvenyika izvi; hazvingatambirwe.

Asi ndikasvika ndichiti hakuna democracy, vanhu havasikutongwa zvakanaka, there is no rule of law, zvinotenderwa.

So, zvino, vakaenda vachitaura izvi: There is no rule of law. There is no democracy, no justice in Zimbabwe. Saka, tirikusuggesta kuti tiise masanctions.

Ndokwabva masanctions atinawo.

Uyu Bush akati, “Ah, shamwari, wakambondibatsirawo panyanya yeIraq. Neniwo ndaakuti America ichiisawo masanctions kunyangwe pasina chatakatadzirwa neZimbabwe. Asi ndiwe wakatadzirwa saka paunoisawo masanctions, hushamwari hunofanirwa kusungirwawo kuonekwa kuti huripo. Nesuwo veAmerica tinokutsigira.”

So, these two thieves, working together in that illicit way, decided to impose sanctions on us. Ndiyo yatirikufira iyoyo; yehumbavha hwevanhu vaviri ava.

Zvino isu tinoti panenge pakadaro, it’s another war that the Westerners are going to wage on us, vachifunga vakadaro kuti we have collapsed.

But we have our people who understand us; who supported us yesterday as we fought for our land.

And we say fine. These are your sanctions, but these are also my people.

You have supported us, supported me. You continue to support Government in spite of the sanctions.

So, here we are: massive yields of maize. Freedom, now, to do our own mining and get our gold, diamonds, our platinum, our chrome and other products. Freedom, now, to do our programmes using our own resources.

We are going to do open our roads. We are going to do what we can to improve our railway system. Zvese ndozvezvimwe zvatiri kuzoita iwo mazuva ari kuuya ayo.

Ndege dzedu padzangadzati mbombo, tiri kuedza zvakare and we are succeeding in trying to improve our airways.

Saka, nzira nhatu idzi dzekufamba nadzo; they are going to be improved.

Not in 10 years, but in two/three years, you will see change. Change, which will also bring enjoyment for our youth. Mabasa achange ariko, so we must not give up.

Asi tinenge tichiti imi mutibatsire. You must have the necessary skills; develop your skills. Regai kuneta kufunda.

Well, tiri kuenda kumaelections.

Izvi ndozvatiratidza. This is what we have demonstrated kunaanaTsvangirai. Vavakungodauka dauka se zvuura. We have demonstrated to the rest of the world and mathieves ari in Europe.

By the way, vachiriko vanaBush nana Blair.

Hatizive uyu, President Trump, mutsva akauya. Vamwe vanoti zvauya mumusoro ndozvanoita. Vamwe vanotomuti ibenzi.

Handizive. Asi ini, pachangu, ndinoti kana riri benzi, rakatibvisira uyu mukadzi angaanzi ari kuzotevera Obama.

Wakashata zvakakomba. Hatide! So, ndaingonamata kuti kana riri benzi, dzimwe nguva benzi woti ah, ndiwe wazoita izvi? Kana rozopenga rinenge ramboita zvaunoda.

Saka, ndinoti akaita zvakanaka. Nekuti anga achauya nemasanctions futi, nezvondo rainaro kuna President.

Very very vicious hatred yainayo towards Zimbabwe.

So, we say we also are children of God, and minamato yedu inotibatsirawo zvekare because we are doing no wrong to anyone. We are good neighbours to our friends vatakavakidzana navo.

We are working for a cause, for our people, a good cause.

We are not offending anyone, and the Lord Almighty, I know, will justly judge us as being right and assist us in our endeavours.

So, namatai.

Asi, chenjerai kuenda kumbavha dzinoti dzikawana verse muBible, nayo nayo. Inenge ichitapira zve. Dzakapihwa rurimi; hadzinete.

Moungana, moungana.

Kuda muHarare Grounds kana kupi, pokupedzisira vanenge vachida zviri muhomwe menyu. Makaisei muhomwe?

Dzimwe nguva munofurirwa kuti mukatipa mari, inobva yasandura magariro enyu. Unganidzai muone. Mukakanda mari apa, mukandipa iri US$1 inozobuda yaUS$30.

Ndipei ndiitsitsire kuhope muone. Inobva yatsitsirwa forever! Chenjerai. Makapinda muchurch dzakatanga, dzaakuuya neshoko kwatiri.

Vakavaka zvichokoro zvakatidzidzisa izvi; vanaEmpandeni, vanaTegwane, vanaKutama, Waddilove, Dombodema.

Vatadza kukudzidzisai ivavo?

Vamwe kuNigeria, vatoita man’a nekufamba vachienda ikoko. I don’t understand it.

Ungatoendera zvinotaurwa kuNigeria zviri muBible? A Bible, you can read and interpret? Kana usingagone, uri nhengo yepo kare of the church.

Ah, hameno.

Maministers angu ndinoti hameno kwazvichasvitsana.

I was baptised a Catholic. Ndokwandinongoramba ndiri. Tinongoramba tiriko, asi hazvireve kuti hatigone kupinda munedzimwe idzi dzakanaka. Tinoramba tiri kune dziri established, dzadzidzisa vana vedu.

Ok, tine freedom; zvakanaka.

Saka, ndopedzisa ndichiti ngatibataneyi zvakare muprogramme yedu yezvekurima.

Mwedzi wekugadzirira iwo unowu. Tasvika munaSeptember, vamwe vedu vanenge vatodyara. Vefodya vanenge vatodyara kare. So, prepare. We will be there as Government to give you assistance on the command side or Presidential assistance.

Asi tiri kuenda kumaelections ka, 2018.

Mukabuda makadai kuprovince, muchienda kunovoter, MDC ingawane chii? Munotsvaira ka, kutsvaira kunonzi kutsvaira nebroom.

Ngatitsvaireyi this time, tione kuti vachazoenda kupi zvekubatanidza izvi.

Chero riri bhurugwa rabvaruka, ungaramba uchingoisa chigamba panechimwe? Rinogumisira raakurema ka. Rinorema imiwee.

Taizviona kudhara vanhu vachiri varombo, voisa chigamba. Pawaisa ipapo pobvaruka futi, woona bhurugwa raakunge sefo. So, zvigamba hazviite VaTsvangirai imi! Let them try anything they can do.

Chipanga, the work you have done today, you did yesterday and the day before must continue. We must cover all the provinces.

Tichaenda, tichasvika kumadhorobha were our youths will require tremendous assistance.

Ivowo varimumadhorobha vachiona zvakadai, vanoti chii? Manenji?

Vanhu vanoda musangano wavo; vakabatana.

Tinodakutenda nerukudzo rwamurikutipa, asi tifambire mberi, tibatane, tibatane, tibatane.

Vakuru; Central Committee, Politiburo members – very busy. They have done marvellous work. We thank them a lot. Ini ndinoda kukutendai.

Amai vakati gumbo rangu. Vachiri kuenda kunaanachiremba. Handisati ndapedza kurapwa, asi ndirikupedza paweekend.

Weekend ndopandinofunga kuti ndinonzi zvanaka, chienda zvako. Hameno kuti vanenge vachisvika nhasi kana mangwana.

Asi, ndinovazuwira kuti makaruza! Makuruza! Dai makauya kuMat South. Anyway, tichavaudza kuti it was an excellent do.

Ungazotii kana yave excellent? Woti excellent excellent. Inongova excellent chete?

I want to thank you.

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