Satanism scare rattles school. . . 10 pupils suffer headaches, weakness and faint

Coghlan Primary School
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Parents and guardians of children at Coghlan Primary School are unsettled amid fears of a mysterious illness which hit a number of pupils at the school last week.

It is reported that some pupils had strange attacks where they just fell in class after complaining of feeling weak.

What got them worried is that about 10 pupils got mysteriously sick hence they speculated that it was satanism at play.

“We are worried because this is not normal at all. How can such a number of children have the same illness within a short time?

“We have always heard of such stories and most times they will be linked to satanism. We wish school authorities could take this issue as urgent and get pastors to pray for the school,” said a concerned parent who spoke on condition of anonymity.

It is said that parents and guardians were worried when they got a report that about four pupils from the same class passed out during lessons.

“We understand that at one time there were four girls from the same class who complained of headaches and feeling weak before fainting. This does not sound normal and as black people we cannot afford to ignore some circumstances which could be behind this mysterious illness,” said a parent.

On the other hand, some parents are not reading much into the reports arguing that it could be dehydration in this hot weather.

Bulawayo provincial education director Olicah Kairah said she did not receive any report of that sort from the school, but would try and find out what was happening.

“I did not receive any report related to that, but will investigate and find out what’s happening,” she said.