Pupils fight over blesser

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IN a typical “blesser is mine” fight, two pupils from a Seventh Day Adventist-run secondary school in Bulawayo were captured fighting over a sugar daddy.

It is reported that sometime last week passersby were shocked when pupils fought over a sugar daddy at the Bulawayo City Hall.

Students fighting over a sugar daddy front 1

The fight turned ugly to an extent that people who were watching ended up intervening as one of the girls was now bleeding.

According to a pupil that spoke on condition of anonymity, saying he was a classmate of the two girls, the two had been fighting for a very long time.

“I know both of them and they have been fighting over the unidentified man for a very long time. It is believed that this man resides close to our school and he is offering financial support to both of them,” he said

When the sugar daddy phenomenon gained popularity in the early 90s, it was met with outrage by those that felt the trend worsened the spread of HIV. It’s the same feeling that people have over blessers.