MDC Councillors pay bribes to get university admission, varsity worker fired

Denford Ngadziore
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TWO MDC councillors Kudzai Kadzombe and Denford Ngadziore have lost their places with the Catholic University of Zimbabwe (CUZ), following revelations that they had cheated their way into enrolling for degree programmes, while the university worker who had offered them the places in the Faculty of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Management and Information Technology has already been fired.

The two were supposed to commence studies at the beginning of April, but the university has since advised them of its decision to terminate their offers until they get the basic requirements and seek readmission.

“The two are not students of the university,” CUZ registrar Albert Mada said.

“The university has advised each of them that it will happily consider admitting them into the university once they meet all the requisite admission requirements.

“The university treats records of all stakeholders, including students (potential, registered or alumni), as confidential and, as such, will not divulge personal details. As public information, however, I can confirm that the university is in possession of application forms received in 2019 from the two individuals about whom you made enquiries.”

Although they admitted not having the requisite qualifications as espoused by the university’s entry requirements for the particular programme, Kadzombe and Ngadziore argued that they were given special dispensation to take up their undergraduate courses.

Both insisted they were victims of power struggles within the MDC-run Harare City Council centred on the shuffling of council thematic

“This allegation is the work of detractors and it is not true. It’s people who are trying to tarnish my image, who are spreading malicious rumours,” Kadzombe told NewsDay.

“I was given a special dispensation — being mature entry and I was also given the opportunity to sit for the (‘O’ Level) subjects while I take up my undergraduate programme.”

Ngadziore also maintained that they were being wrongfully accused.

He said the only “O” Level subject he did not possess was Mathematics. He rubbished NewsDay’s request for him to send a copy of his “O” Level certificate.

“These are all lies,” he said. “We were made to write examinations at the university (and passed). The only thing I don’t have is ‘O’ Level Maths, otherwise everything else is above board. We are actually starting in April,” Ngadziore insisted.

He said the “malicious” allegations were emanating from people who felt threatened by “our progress” as they try to upgrade themselves for the benefit of the people who voted for them.

According to the CUZ website, the entry requirement for the particular programme is “five Ordinary Level subjects, including English and Mathematics plus at least two ‘A’ Levels or mature entry for applicants above 25 years of age who have passed the five approved ‘O’ Level subjects”. – Zimbabwevoice