Lecturers Allege That UZ Is Being Run By A Corrupt Cartel

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Lecturers at the country’s oldest university, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) have accused senior officials of fleecing the institution of corrupt practices.

The lecturers allege that the cartel of senior officials is bleeding the institution through overpricing of goods and services and irregular procurement practices. An excerpt of a report made by the lecturers reads:

Millions of dollars in students’ fees are being siphoned by top executives of the institution through overpricing of goods and services, flouting of tender board procurement guidelines, disregarding the university’s purchasing policies through the splitting of tenders and haphazard construction projects made to secure rich pickings.

These corrupt activities have seen overnight changes in lifestyles of some of the executives who are suspected to now own a fleet of top-of-the-range cars as well as a number of leafy suburban houses at the expense of quality education for students.

…The report will recommend quick audit and investigations into massive corruption at UZ. A forensic audit has to be instituted as soon as possible and this will definitely make goings on at Bindura University of Science Education uncovered in a recent forensic audit done at that institution, a child’s play

According to the report, UZ administration has close links to former president Robert Mugabe’s G40 Faction.

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