Don’t rush, Chinhoyi whiz kid urged

Buhle Ukaka
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Zimbabweans have taken to social media to urge the 13 year-old girl from Chinhoyi, who successfully sat for the ZIMSEC Ordinary Level examinations in June this year, not to rush.

The Form 2 Buhle Ukaka got 5Bs in English Language, Geography, History, Commerce and Accounts and a C in Economics and is now ready to join the lower sixth class, which is already in its final term of the year.

However, Zimbabweans believe Buhle’s parents should guide the young girl so that she becomes more successful academically.

“No need to rush it, after all she got Bs in the O level subjects, meaning she’s still average at that level. She must use the time now to perfect herself in the areas lacking. She has the potential to be far more exceptional if she doesn’t rush things. Parents/guardians take note,” tweeted one, D Hawkeyes.

“Bad idea, let the child do O level Maths and sciences first. No need to rush,” also tweeted Munashe Madzore.

Onesimo Mutembwa wrote: “I would have loved her to have had been formally moved to Form 3 and get baked for Form 4. Be careful, you might be destroying her future by suffocating her academic studies. You are now making her correspond instead of being thoroughly polished throughout the way. Instead of her ending up being a world renowned scientist, she shall end up being a lawyer or a teacher or a something which does not match her natural intelligence. Those grade results she got are NOT reflective of her true intelligence,at all.Far from her full potential!!

Others however think otherwise.

Congratulations Buhle, those saying ‘arikuskippirei malevels’ it’s useless for her to continue with form 2,3&4 because her results are already there so why? Straight away she must proceed to A-level. That’s what her sister did too, I know them very well, they are brilliant and focused students keep it up,” said Takunda Prince Mawunganidze in response to a ZBC Facebook post.

Buhle’s school head, Dr Savious Mutopa had indicated that he has no problems in enrolling the 13 year old for advanced level studies as the issue is not on skipping levels but on the readiness of the learner.

The girl’s mother, Mrs Blantina Ukaka, who is a teacher at the same school, concurred with Dr Mutopa, describing Buhle as a self-starter and an extrovert who will not find it difficult to mingle with older learners.

Buhle said she is inspired by her sister, Sifiso who has also made headlines after she sat for her ordinary level examinations and scored 7As and 1B, while she was still in form 3.

Sifiso has now completed her Advanced level with 10 points in science subjects at the age of 16.