Zimbabwe State media journalist battered at opposition party rally

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MDC Alliance’s violence against State media journalists reared its ugly head yesterday when the party’s leader Nelson Chamisa’s security team beat up a ZBC senior staffer (name withheld) at a rally held at Mkoba Stadium.

The MDC Alliance security team assaulted the journalist and attempted to drag him out of the stadium accusing ZBC of reporting negatively on their party.

“You do not belong here you report lies about us,” shouted one of the security staff.

Mr Chamisa had to intervene and rescued the reporter as the hooligans bayed for his blood.

Apart from that another group of MDC youths swarmed the ZBC vehicle and threatened to beat up the news crew that was covering the rally resulting in the reporters leaving the event in haste.

This is not the first time that MDC hooligans have harassed the ZBC news crew.

Addressing reporters, Mr Chamisa could not hide his dislike of the public broadcaster saying it needed to be reformed.