We witnessed the murder of Buhera teacher – 2 sex workers

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MURAMBINDA – Two new witnesses; both sex workers have come forward with fresh evidence on how a Buhera teacher was allegedly at Murambinda Growth Point  a few weeks ago.

Documents in the hands of The Mirror show that two witnesses have told the Police that they had some  eyewitness accounts of the murder of Rodwell Mpotsa, a teacher at  Marumbi Primary School in Buhera.

Mpotsa was murdered in the wee hours of the night outside a night club at Murambinda on July 1, 2018.

Chipo Murove (22) from Murove Village Mutiusinazita who is a sex worker at Murambinda told the Police that she was  sure that Blessing Choguya and Kennedy Mutandwa were responsible for the murder.

She said at around 3am of the fateful day she was at Elasto Night Club drinking beer. She was approached by a man who wanted to have sex with her and they went to his room at Chiwanza Shop.

On their way she allegedly saw Mutandwa holding the now deceased by the collar and dragging him to a place in-between two haulage trucks parked in front of Elasto Night Club. She also said that Mutandwa was in the company of Choguya and it seemed that they were having a misunderstanding with the deceased.

She proceeded with her boyfriend and left the three between the haulage trucks. At around 7am she received the information that there was a man who had been found dead in front of Elasto Night Club; she proceeded to the scene and upon arrival she saw the body of the deceased and she positively identified him as the one whom she saw in a brawl with Mutandwa and Choguya.

The second witness Pauline Mavezera is an ex-girlfriend to Choguya, one of the accused persons.

Mavezera alleged that Mutandwa and Choguya killed Mpotsa. She suspected Choguya because he allegedly forgot the T-shirt he was wearing placed on one of the two tyres in front of Elasto Night Club.

At around 7am she received news of a dead man found in front of Elasto Night Club. She then went to the scene at around 8am and found the body being ferried to Murambinda Hospital mortuary.

That is when she saw a T-shirt belonging to Choguya placed on the tyre; she took the T-shirt and proceeded to California booking rooms looking for Choguya and she found him sleeping in Tawanda Masanga’s room and woke him up.

“I showed him his torn T-shirt and asked him how the T-shirt was torn. Choguya replied that it was torn when he was trying to restrain Kennedy Mutandwa from beating another person during the night at Elasto Night Club. I asked him about the fresh lacerations on his neck. Before replying me, he showed me a swollen cheek he said was caused by Kennedy Mutandwa.

“I further asked him as to why he got injured. Choguya then told me that he wanted to tell me what really transpired. He told me he was involved in a fight and he beat his opponent to the extent that he was wondering if the person was still alive”, said Mavezera.