Mutsvangwa reads riot act to editors

Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa addresses editors from local media during an interface in Harare recently.
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INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has implored editors and managers in media organisations to protect Zimbabwe’s competitiveness and promote national interests in their reportage.

Minister Mutsvangwa made the call during a meeting to update the editors on issues affecting the country.

She said Zimbabwe was going through a difficult economic period, exacerbated by a drought and Cyclone Idai, and it was the duty of the media to keep the nation united.

“I implore you to write to unite the nation, write about that which does not harm the nation, write to protect Zimbabwe’s competitiveness and that which promotes the interest of the country whilst exposing that which harms us as a people,” she said.

“The country has made notable progress in infrastructure development, including road rehabilitation and expansion.

“Notable achievement has also been realised in our drive for investment, with many companies — existing and new — being revitalised and opened.”

Minister Mutsvangwa also called for patience among Zimbabweans adding that benefits of Government’s efforts towards economic revival will not be fully realised in the short-and-medium terms.

The statement comes as Zimbabwe is currently facing foreign currency shortages and a wave of ‘unjustified’ price increases.

It is against this background that the minister bemoaned some opposition parties that were celebrating the hardships being endured by the people.

“We have individuals and parties that choose to disrespect the electoral and judicial systems for their selfish ends,” said Minister Mutsvangwa.

“Such uncouth behaviour projects our country as a nation with unresolved political questions when deep down in their hearts these entities and personalities know very well that they lost in a fair and credible plebiscite.”

The minister noted that it was going to be difficult for the country to move forward under the burden of political instability, which she said stifled re-engagement efforts and made recovery more painful.

The MDC Alliance has shunned national dialogue and is still disputing the 2018 elections despite failing with their case in court.

As such, editors and media managers were challenged by Minister Mutsvangwa to keep the nation conflict-free.