Editor’s Memo: Are we getting sucked into Zanu PF succession debate at the expense of the opposition?

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AS many of us follow the unfolding events in Zanu PF; can we please be mindful of getting too fixated with Zanu PF succession debate and stay with the good guys in the opposition. They may not be in the best of shape but they all need our support; they are all we have got as alternative to Zanu PF.

They are doing as much as they can in very very difficult conditions against a unique dictatorship that has never graced this world in the history of mankind.

We still need to embellish the good deeds of our opposition and make good of their sacrifices on the front line of brutal Zimbabwean politics.

We are in danger of getting sucked in Zanu PF succession battles and fail to praise and positively criticise the opposition; to get them in the best possible shape to be able to fill up the gap if Zanu PF’s unsustainable succession process collapses.

VIVA Opposition!!