Economist acknowledges Zimbabwe economic turnaround

Prof. Gift Mugano

HARARE – A critic of the Zimbabwean government Prof. Gift Mugano, who has previously predicted that the local currency would collapse by June this year, this week made a dramatic acknowledgment of improvement in the economic outlook.

Prof. Mugano who is an economist says the country’s economic turnaround is a reality. In a recent tweet, he stated that he initially had a feeling that the economy would improve after the general elections scheduled for August 23, 2023, and now he believes it is no longer just a feeling but an actuality.

When asked about the basis for his forecast, Mugano replied that he is observing positive shocks that will bring disruptive changes to the entire economy. He did not provide further details or respond to additional questions, including accusations that he had been bought out.

Some Twitter users expressed skepticism and criticized Mugano’s remarks, questioning his credibility and suggesting that academics in Zimbabwe are not knowledgeable about the economy.

However, Mugano’s comments come at a time when the Zimbabwean currency has shown signs of stabilization, with the Zimbabwe dollar strengthening by a significant amount at recent auctions.

While Mugano’s optimistic view may provide some hope, it is important to consider a range of perspectives and closely monitor the economic situation in Zimbabwe as it continues to evolve.

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