Toyota Hilux Black Edition: Here’s why this bakkie does Goth very well

Image: AuutoTrader SA / Lawrence Minnie
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Johannesburg – Last week we were sitting around the office discussing upcoming facelifts of production vehicles when the Toyota Hilux came up.

We are nearly 18 months into the new model and I remarked that we should be seeing a refreshed look soon, my words were barely spoken when an email announcing the release of the new Hilux Black edition hit my inbox. To say that I had flashbacks to my days of being a fan of Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and black eyeliner wouldn’t be inaccurate.

What on earth could Toyota have planned for a Hilux Black Edition?

Goth inspired?

I was pretty excited to receive my test vehicle as I had not seen any press images of what this seemingly goth inspired machine could possibly look like. When it arrived I was a little dejected as a rather normal looking Hilux greeted me.
Although it looked quite normal there was something visually off and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

This Hilux, much like that weird kid that liked The Mission and clove cigarettes, has something of an affinity for black accents that all together add up to a very menacing package.

The beauty of this Hilux Black Edition is the longer you spend with it, the more you notice what sets it apart of the normal version. A myriad of small visual changes give the Black Edition a slightly more menacing look that is way more noticeable when parked next a “normie”.

Image: AutoTrader SA / Lawrence Minnie

As much as Goths love their Dr. Martens and New Rocks, Hilux loves its shoes too and the Black Edition hits the streets with a set of black and chrome mag wheels that give it instant style cred.

There’s also a complete set of bumper, nudge and roll bars in black – of course – as well as a touneau cover. You’ll notice a distinct lack of chrome, most of it being replaced with gloss black detailing making the Black Edition emblems a must.

‘A double cab in mascara’

Much in the same way that black eye makeup can change a face, the Hilux’s blacked out grille and trim changes the impression of the bakkie as well. Some traditional goth’s will dye their hair jet black and the Hilux follows suit with a gloss black roof completely changing the way the cab looks even though you can’t really explain why.

Followers of the goth culture everywhere will be happy to know that the interior of the Black Edition is a myriad of black leather, from the door cards to the seats and everything in between.

Unfortunately, there’s no news yet on the possibility of PVC and latex materials as yet. The interior is rounded off by the Toyota standard sound system featuring the touchscreen interface so you’ll be able to blast your favorite Cradle of Filth album without running the risk of it chipping your black nail polish.

Comparisons to the Gothic lifestyle and sub culture aside, the Toyota Hilux is without a doubt a strong seller in South Africa and motorists, regardless of music and fashion choices are happy to drive each successive release.

The Toyota Hilux Black Edition has made an edible mark already even if it is just a double cab in mascara.


Toyota Hilux 2,8 GD-6 double-cab RB Raider Black: R521 100
Toyota Hilux 2,8 GD-6 double-cab RB Raider Black AT: R538 900
Toyota Hilux 2,8 GD-6 double-cab 4×4 Raider Black: R585 300
Toyota Hilux 2,8 GD-6 double-cab 4×4 Raider Black AT: R604 300