Strive Masiyiwa to introduce electric cars to Africa

Strive Masiyiwa
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Strive Masiyiwa, ECONET Wireless and CEO has announced intentions to import into Africa more than 100 electric vehicles.

He said the vehicles would be for the Vaya transport service planned to cover a 3km radius from the central business district.

Writing on Facebook, Masiyiwa said:

“If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, identify a human need, and reach out to solve it in a sustainable way”!

Zimbabwe has an acute problem of fuel [petrol for cars]: EntrepreneurIt:
Our team has created a Vaya transport service which uses a Three Wheeler Electric vehicle:
It will have a 3km radius around the CBD.
We are currently waiting for the delivery of the first 100 electric vehicles. They will be recharged at solar-powered charging stations, by Vaya’s sister company, dpa Africa.

Welcome Vaya Hopper!

What is that problem you are seeing?
Use it to make money for yourself!
We call that @Entrepreneurship Lol!

He also said that with the Vaya package, they intend to solve a plethora of issues among them, finding an ambulance and waste management.