Invictus Energy reports major gas find in Zimbabwe, shares surge 28%

The indicator board at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is seen in Sydney, Tuesday, December 18, 2018. (AAP Image/Erik Anderson) NO ARCHIVING
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SYDNEY – Invictus Energy Ltd. has announced a significant gas discovery at the Mukuyu-2 well within the Cabora Bassa project in Zimbabwe, leading to a substantial 28% jump in its share price today.

The discovery follows a period of increased activity and optimism, as previous explorations by ExxonMobil (formerly Mobil Oil Corp) had suggested any discoveries were more likely to hold gas than oil.

In response to this promising find using Mobil’s data, Invictus has expanded its license area sevenfold since last March. The company is now embarking on an extensive evaluation program to assess the full potential of the discovery before advancing towards production. Despite the excitement surrounding the find, turning this discovery into actual production will require a substantial investment of time and resources, including a thorough analysis of the reserve’s size and quality.

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Among the InvestingPro Tips, two particularly relevant ones for investors are that AVZ Minerals is not profitable over the last twelve months, and analysts predict the company will be profitable this year. This aligns with the scenario of Invictus Energy Ltd., which may also be on the brink of transitioning from exploration to profitability.

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