ZUPCO reclaims bus termini

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The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) and the Harare City Council have embarked on a process of reclaiming bus termini in the capital.

This development follows the re-launch of the mass public transport system by government last week.

In a move which is expected to de-congest Harare and bring sanity towards the movement of people, the ZUPCO buses which were re-launched by government last week will now be loading passengers from their old designated points dotted in and around the central business district, shopping centres and various suburbs.

Acting ZUPCO Chief Executive Everisto Madangwa confirmed that his organisation will now be operating from designated ranks and plans are at an advanced stage to officially launch the buses in Bulawayo and Mutare before spreading to other towns.

“We are in the process of launching the buses to Mutare and in Bulawayo already five buses are already servicing some routes. The process will spread to other towns like Gweru soon,” said Mr Madangwa.

The re-launch of ZUPCO has received overwhelming approval from the public who are now clamouring for more buses.

“The re-launch of our buses in Harare has been successful; it brought relief to the public who say they were sick and tired of being swindled and harassed by kombis,” Mr Madangwa added.

A snap survey in the CBD shows that despite the private commuter omnibuses also reducing fares to remain relevant, the public prefers to board the ZUPCO buses which they say offer better services.