Zimbabwe gov considers replacing copper transformers with aluminium

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The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) would require about 3000 transformers to replace stolen or outdated ones.

Energy and Power Development deputy minister Magna Mudyiwa has said that they are facing fund issues to buy the same.  Responding to a query in National Assembly, Mudyiwa said the local transformer supplier, Zent, was considering manufacturing aluminium transformers to handle vandalism. The present transformers are made of copper and are more prone to theft.  They are managing with lesser supply while demand is more from all areas.

“I would like to inform the House that the output from Zent has been generally low such that all regions have got a huge backlog of transformers,” responded said.

“ZETDC requires in excess of 3 000 distribution transformers countrywide. The procurement process was completed more than two years ago, but the suppliers could not source the required foreign currency to import the transformers. The same applies to Zent, which is also awaiting delivery of kits for manufacture of new transformers. The few that are being released are repaired transformers.”

The ministry said that Zent is planning to come up with prototype aluminium transformers that will be cheaper and less prone to stealing.  Stealing of transformers has been a major issue for the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company.