Innovation drives digital marketing strategies

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HARARE – In the age of high-tech innovation that we now live in, many have come to associate innovation and creativity with technological advances – new and improved products and processes, faster devices that can do more, and sleek interfaces that elevate user experiences.

It is however rare to come across a company that takes the principles of  innovation and creativity beyond product and process design and into marketing and CSR. From its inception the Econet brand has always been associated with a pioneering mindset. As the country’s  leading telecommunications, media, and technology company, Econet Wireless has been at the forefront of developing numerous innovations designed to meet the needs of their individual and corporate customers. From mobile wallets to ride-hailing apps, they are almost always first on the market with technology-enhanced products.

This culture of innovation goes beyond product design, and permeates the very ethos of the company, as seen in its cutting edge marketing and social responsibility campaigns. Over the past twenty years, the company has supported innovative social impact programmes in eduction, public health and youth leadership. The culture of creativity is evident in this year’s IKhisimusi Sifikile promotion, where the brand has masterfully collaborated with popular artist Jah Prayzah in a remake of the Christmas anthem originally sung by legendary Paul Matavire. In a move that could be described as a stroke of genius, the Econet leadership team has also built a CSR component into the promotion, ensuring that the Christmas spirit goes beyond meeting the needs of their own customers and  into the broader community. Following the COVID19 pandemic, many underprivileged groups and individuals have continued to suffer the consequences, with reduced donations coming in as they fall further down the list of priorities for hard-pressed corporates and families. The Econet promotion aims to promote generosity by triggering the implementation of initiatives with positive sustainable impact. It reminds consumers that the festive season is as much about giving as it is about receiving and enables interactive engagement with customers.

It is no wonder that the company scooped three coveted awards at the year’s Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) Superbrand Awards. These were Overall MAZ Superbrand of the Year, Best Superbrand in the Telecommunication sector and Best Superbrand in the Business-to-Consumer category.

Running under the theme: Brand Relevance and Dominance in the Age of the customer, the awards aimed to recognise brands that demonstrate continuous innovation and creativity, and the iKIhisimusi Sifikile promotion is just one example of how Econet leads in this area. Where an annual promotion could become dull and repetitive, the Econet team has risen to the challenge, adding higher stakes, more strategic collaboration and border community care to their annual end of year campaign, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and creativity.

Source: News Day