Haulage truckers face stiffer fines

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HAULAGE trucks using undesignated routes and venturing into residential areas without prior clearance will be fined US$2 000, the Daily News on Sunday reports.

In the latest Government Gazette, the government said transit traffic whether loaded or unloaded shall not be allowed to pass through the city centre and residential areas.

“All transit traffic will not be allowed to enter Harare drive between Mutare Road and Lomagundi Road or the Harare Central Business District or any other central business district of any city whether loaded or unloaded or whether electronically sealed or not.

“Transit traffic whether loaded or unloaded and/ or whether electronically sealed or not is prohibited from using the undesignated routes.

All transit trucks either loaded or not, and either electronically sealed or not will not be allowed in the residential areas unless prior authority is sought from the Commissioner of Customs and Excise.

“In the case of the unsealed transit traffic which violates the above order shall be liable to a penalty of US$2 000 or equivalent at official bank rate,” the Government Gazette reads.

The orders came into effect on January 1 and were cited as the Customs and Excise (Ports of Entry and Routes (Amendment) Order. Some of the cargo tracking routes gazetted by the government include route one Beitbridge Chirundu via Harare, route four Forbes–Chirundu, route five Beitbridge–Nyamapanda, route six Beitbridge Victoria Falls, up to route 56 Kazungula–Forbes via Murambinda.

Source – dailynews