Tsikamutanda retrieve snake in ‘cleansing’ ceremony

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Chief Gwebu and local Councillors have reportedly invited a four-man team of Tsikamutandas to their community to cleanse it of evil spirits that have apparently been tormenting residents.

The Matabeleland South buiness center of Mawabeni this morning woke to the team of Tsikamutandas ‘working’ in their community.

At their first port if call, the Tsikamutandas ‘captured’ what looked to be a two- meter long python under the bed of one of the locals before moving it to a football field near the Mawabeni shopping center.

When asked by the Tsikamutanda how and where she got the snake, the ‘owner’ said she did not know where it came from.

“I have invited several prophets to my homestead to remove it but they all failed. I don’t know where it came from but its not mine,” she said , as she addressed scores of  members of the community gathered to witness the cleansing ceremony.

The Tsikamutandas were reportedly invited by the local Chief Gwebu and Councillors and asked to go door by door and cleanse the community. The Tsikamutanda asked for the police to be called in before burning the snake as requested by members of the community.

More details to follow……