Five-Point Road Map To Guide The MDC

Nelson Chamisa

MDC President, Nelson Chamisa, has today officially launched the party’s Road to Economic Recovery, Legitimacy, Openness And Democracy (RELOAD) at Harare Gardens.

Chamisa said that the party will be guided by a five-point road map in its endeavour to dislodge the ruling ZANU PF from power. Below is the Five-point road map:

  1. Diplomatic and Political pressure on this govt: Chamisa said that the party will exert both political and diplomatic pressure on the government so as to reclaim its July 30, 2018, elections victory. He said that the party will be “radically-peaceful” in terms of the constitution, that is, peaceful protests. He called upon other stakeholders including church leaders, women, political parties, and war veterans to the MDC and “reason.” Chamisa also reiterated the party’s intention to push for the Zimbabwean agenda to be discussed at regional groupings including SADC. 
  2. National Dialogue: Chamisa said that there must be a genuine national dialogue. He said that the party was against the use of violence to resolve issues saying that even after an armed struggle, there is still need to sit down and dialogue. He said that the MDC believes that a Civilised community resolves issues amicably. Chamisa added that the dialogue must discuss the legitimacy issue which is the source of the problems affecting the nation. He also said that a legitimate and credible dialogue needs to be facilitated by international adjudicators. He also said that the dialogue has to have timelines so as to measure achievements. 
  3. National Transitional mechanism:  Chamisa said that the dialogue will result in the establishment of a national transitional mechanism to lift the country from the crises. He also said that another mandate of the NTM will be to usher Zimbabwe into new elections.
  4. Comprehensive reform agenda: Chamisa also said that there are a number of areas that need to be reformed for democracy to prevail in the country. He, however, said that he would not preempt the party’s plan on reforms as he fears that the ZANU PF would start implementing the MDC’s ideas.
  5. Free and fair elections: Chamisa also said that there is need for electoral reforms before the nation goes to the elections. He said that there won’t be elections if the current Zimbabwe Electoral Commission team is in place as it is biased towards the ZANU PF.

Chamisa concluded saying that the party will not be pushed into prematurely launching its strategic plan by the ZANU PF because it knows their rivals’ evil plans.

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