Student turns fried eggs into works of art on Instagram

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Although there are over 64m Instagram pictures tagged #breakfast, we are convinced these egg creations are more interesting than any photos of avocado toast.

Medical student Michele Baldini, 20, from Mexico, has gone viral on Instagram for his works of art – created entirely from fried eggs.

It looks like playing with your food is actually a good thing.

a close up of food: image© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited image

Using the same canvas for each photo – a black frying pan – each of Baldini’s posts features an incredible image comprised using his favourite medium only – fried eggs.

According to Baldini, the idea started with a simple fried egg Yin Yang symbol and has grown from there.

And although he has experimented with other foods, fried eggs are his favourite.

Elaborate and incredibly detailed, the egg-based designs are impressive – and way too beautiful to eat.

Featuring creations ranging from a star-topped Christmas tree to an accurate recreation of the New York City skyline, each Instagram photo displays eggs more intricate than the next.

The artist has even succeeded in creating an eggy yet spot-on rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Posting his creations to the account @the_eggshibit, the medical student turned artist has earned over 7,000 followers since starting the Instagram account just two months ago – and averages about 500 likes per photo from fans of his fried art.

This is a whole new take on sunny-side up.