Satanist causes stir at church service

Bongani Moyo
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A CHURCH service was temporarily brought to a halt after a man charged at a prophet.

In fear of the man Bongani Moyo, some church members fled in different directions as if they had seen a ghost.

Prophet Emmanuel Mutumwa better known as Madzibaba Mutumwa pointed at Moyo in typical Nigerian movie style and he collapsed.

Moyo then had a hysterical seizure and started to confess that he was a satanist sent to disrupt the service.

“I was sent to cause confusion at this church and ultimately destroy it. I have been successful in my mission of destroying other churches,”he said.

Moyo revealed that he was ranked number three in satanism rankings in Zimbabwe. He didn’t say who else was in that so-called ranking.

“There are two people who are above me and I’m number three,” he said.

A snake is said to have come out of his bag at that instance. He said it was part of his tools to cause mayhem.

“We cause accidents and when we attend to accident scenes this snake sucks blood that we give to our members, particularly businesspeople who want to boost their success in business,” Moyo claimed.

Madzibaba Mutumwa burnt the snake and the satchel and vowed to turn his attacker around.

“He must not be afraid of death because we have delivered him from the satanism. He is now protected by the blood of Jesus,” he said.