Goblins throw prophet into fire

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A CLEANSING ceremony at a homestead in Nkayi  Matabeleland North Province turned horribly wrong when a prophet was seriously burnt by suspected goblins.

The prophet only identified as Madzibaba Nehemiah was burnt on his private parts, left leg and both hands. He was treated and discharged at Nkayi District Hospital.

He was in the district with other prophets cleansing haunted homesteads.

A source from the area told B-Metro that Madzibaba Nehemiah was part of a congregation that had gathered at the Moyos’ homestead in Duha Village two weeks ago.

“On the near fatal night Madzibaba Nehemiah called villagers to gather around a ball of fire at the homestead in question before he instructed them to sing.

“At midnight Madzibaba Nehemiah rushed into one of the bedroom huts, caught one of the suspected goblins and tried to burn it,” said a source who requested not to be named.

This reportedly angered two others that came from a granary and severely attacked him.

“Things came to an ugly head when he started trembling holding the suspected mystical creature trying to throw it into the fire before he was attacked by two other goblins that then violently pushed him into the fire,” the source added.

He was later rescued by members of his crew who braved the menacing flames and dragged him to safety. Despite the rescue he reportedly sustained burns on his private parts, left leg and both hands.

Madzibaba Nehemiah who appeared not to accept defeat after the horrendous battle is alleged to have told his followers that the creature caught him off guard and vowed that the struggle would continue unabated.

“Although he was writhing in agony Madzibaba Nehemiah vowed that he was going to assist the family by removing the mystical creatures terrorising them after nursing the injuries he sustained,” added the source.