Family loses five houses to mysterious fire

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FIVE houses belonging to members of the same family were mysteriously gutted down, one a day, in five consecutive days in Zhombe, Midlands province in a suspected case of witchcraft that has left community members scratching their heads.

The incidents occurred two weeks ago where the Tasiyenyika family in Mavule Village under Chief Malisa lost houses starting from Tuesday until Saturday. 

Another house belonging to a neighbour to the family also got burnt down on the sixth day after a child suspected to be linked to the mystery from the affected family visited the neighbour’s homestead.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed that police have received the reports of the houses and investigations were underway. 

However, Chief Suprene Malisa said the fires have sent shivers down the spines of villagers and most of them were now living in fear.

“I can certainly confirm the mysterious fires that have been causing havoc in the area in Mavule. 

“I hear that five houses were burnt down and recently I heard that when the so-called girl with the powers visited the neighbour, their house was also reduced to ashes,” said Chief Malisa.

So serious is the issue that the chief and his subjects are afraid to visit the affected family for fear of “hacking the spirit of the fire”.

He said plans were afoot to hire the services of a prophet or traditional healer to conduct a cleansing ceremony at the homestead to cleanse the suspected black magic. 

He said the last time a prophet was hired to cleanse the homestead, he left in a huff after he was overpowered by what he saw in the house.

According to sources, there are voices that are heard talking every time there is a fire.

“There are voices that are heard whenever the fire breaks out and it will be sounding like people who are laughing and enjoying themselves. So we are not sure what is going on there,” said a villager who could not be named.