POSB extends banking hours, increases branch staff

POSB has extended its banking hours and increased staff at all its branches as it moves to service customers who are mostly civil servants and Government pensioners trying to access their United States dollar bonuses.

In a notice today (Thursday), POSB said its banking hours have been extended to 7pm with immediate effect as it works to manage “an unprecedented influx of customers at branches for cash withdrawals resulting in significant strain on service delivery”.

“The situation has been compounded by the effect of the current wave of the Covid-19 pandemic on branch operations,” said POSB.

“Despite all this, the bank remains committed to serving all its customers more so during these extraordinary times and has implemented the following measures to meet this surge demand: extending banking hours up to 1900hrs at all branches; increasing branch staff complements to hasten transaction processing times; and enhancing COVID-19 preventive protocols.”

The bank also announced that USD disbursement is guaranteed and that it had sufficient foreign currency to meet all cash disbursements relating to the USD bonuses paid out by the Government.

POSB also further assured its customers of the availability of the ZWL2 000 weekly cash withdrawals in line with Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe regulations.

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