ZUPCO distributes buses to provinces

ZUPCO has started distributing its newly acquired buses to various provinces ahead of the busy festive season.

The distribution of 90 ZUPCO buses also ensures government’s mass transport sector revival strategy is shaping up.

ZUPCO CEO Everisto Madandwa said: “As ZUPCO, we are glad to have received 90 buses which today we have started distributing to all the 10 provinces. We are certain that this will go a long way in curbing challenges of movement this season. These will be servicing the long routes. The public should brace for more buses before the end of year.”

Mashonaland East Province received 20 buses, and it was all smiles among all those who witnessed the handover ceremony at Rudaka stadium in Marondera this Thursday.

“We are happy as people of Marondera that we now have reliable transport,” said a resident from Marondera

Another said: “Private transport operators used to shortchange us by hiking their fares during the festive season, so, this is welcome.”

Masvingo province also received a fleet of 20 buses, much to the excitement of the commuting public, who have for long been victims of actions by some errant transport operators.

“We want to thank the government for implementing the devolution and decentralization agenda and improving the public transportation system,” a resident of Masvingo said.

In Mashonaland Central Province, 10 buses were allocated, amid hope that road traffic accidents will decline, owing to the availability of reliable and roadworthy public transport.

Manicaland Province also received 20 buses in Mutare this Thursday afternoon with the local community being highly appreciative of the development that will reduce their transport woes.

ZUPCO now has close to 500 new buses, which are being complemented by those under its franchise. – ZBC