Zimbabweans storm their embassy over corruption bribes

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CAPE TOWN – The Helen Suzman Foundation said that it was concerned about the allegations of corruption at the Zimbabwe consulate office in Cape Town.

Angry Zimbabwean citizens stormed the consulate office on Wednesday, accusing them of taking bribes in order to issue their identity documents.

The Helen Suzman Foundation said that it was unfortunate that poor Zimbabweans had to be subjected to such activities, with the South African government not intervening to help the people to get their documentation in place.

The foundation’s executive director, Nicole Fritz, said that the citizens of Zimbabwe living in South Africa had contributed immensely over the past 10 years to the country’s economy.

“But these Zimbabwean nationals also can’t depend on the Zimbabwean government to act in their interest and we have seen that from the get go, that’s why many have sought to live in South Africa and sought to escape Zimbabwe.”

Meanwhile, the consulate office remains closed in the wake of Wednesday’s violence, where officials had to be rescued by police.