Zimbabwe President’s advisor says govt has gone rogue

Shingi Munyeza
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s outspoken adviser, Shingi Munyeza, has struck again, describing the Zanu PF government as a rogue and cancerous regime failing to “protect and prosper its citizens”.

Munyeza, who is a church leader and member of the Presidential Advisory Council, delivered a no-holds-barred online sermon yesterday, saying Mnangagwa’s administration had stopped listening to citizens, hence had gone rogue.

“We have a crisis. The system has gone rogue and cancerous. They can’t provide, protect or prosper citizens. They are like cancerous cells which will destroy the body,” said Munyeza, who has previously openly castigated Mnangagwa for failing to show true statesmanship.

“Without submission, anything then becomes rogue and that is how cancer cells grow. They don’t submit to anything, then they grow.

“When you have a leadership that does not submit to anything, it is rogue, it becomes pariah and a law unto itself and self-destructive ultimately. All rogue nations that do not submit to a Godly order of preservation of dignity and respect for human life always implode or explode.”

In previous sermons, Munyeza has accused Mnangagwa of failing to tame the growing human rights abuses, corruption and the collapsing economy and dared the Zanu PF leader to relieve him of his advisory role for speaking his mind.

South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa was early this month forced to dispatch envoys to Harare following pressure from his ruling African National Congress party to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis.

Mnangagwa’s government has, however, insisted that there is no crisis in the country despite documented evidence such as arbitrary arrests of activists and journalists.

Munyeza said elections had failed to resolve the crisis in the country as elected officials were not “coming back to the people” to fulfil their election promises.

“Having elections for a rogue leadership is like taking painkillers to cure cancer,” he said.

“We must fix our problems fundamentally using truth because that is the only thing that sustains the solution. The value of submission is the only way that prospers nations and it starts with the leaders themselves.”

He added: “When elections are taking place, leaders will always say ‘we will come back to the people, we want to carry your desires, we want to implement your desires’ and the moment they are in power, the people are forgotten and lost and waiting for the next elections.

“Our problems in Zimbabwe are not because we don’t have elections to choose leaders. Our problem is actually thinking that the elections are the ones that must sort out our problems.

“Zimbabwe has religiously held its elections (but) our problems have gone worse. Our problem is not the democratic act or activity of elections. Our problem lies in the art or principle of submission. Everything submits to something else in order for it to function, to grow, prosper and ultimately show God’s purpose and glory.”

Munyeza’s tough talk came shortly after Catholic bishops recently crossed swords with government after they outed increasing human rights abuses in the country.

In response, Mnangagwa blasted the bishops for pursuing a regime change agenda and sarcastically invited them to enter the political ring.

The international community has also chastised government over rights abuses.

Several activists have gone into hiding in the wake of a State-sanctioned crackdown which has seen a number of activists arrested and denied bail on charges of plotting to unseat the Zanu PF administration. – News Day