Zimbabwe Gold Mafia kingpin blames alcohol for describing Chiwenga a dunderhead

Businessman Ewan Macmillan
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HARARE – Businessman Ewan Macmillan has publicly apologized for his comments made in secretly recorded interviews aired by Al Jazeera in April.

In the interviews, Macmillan claimed to have been involved in gold smuggling and branded Vice President Constantino Chiwenga as a dunderhead.

The interviews were part of a documentary titled “The Gold Mafia” that implicated several individuals, including Macmillan and UK-based preacher and Zimbabwe ambassador at large Eubert Angel, in a gold smuggling and money laundering scandal.

In his statement, Macmillan apologized for the discomfort his comments caused and partially attributed them to being under the influence of alcohol. He admitted that the statements he made on camera were untrue, boastful, derogatory, and malicious.

He expressed regret for the harm caused to his family, friends, fellow Zimbabweans, business partners, and individuals in the banking, financial, and government sectors.

Macmillan acknowledged that his behavior and comments had embarrassed himself and those around him. He expressed remorse and extended his apologies to all those affected by his actions.

It’s important to note that the provided information is based on the given news excerpt. Further developments or statements from the parties involved may have occurred since then.