Zimbabwe delivers magic to the world global commerce – Mutsvangwa

Chris Mutsvangwa
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ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa says the President, His Excellency Dr E.D Mnangagwa, is carving the rightful place of Zimbabwe’s young people in the global market.

Speaking in detail about President Mnangagwa’s recent visit to Dubai, Ambassador Mutsvangwa said the visionary leader is now transforming Zimbabwe into an upper middle income society.

“Just as an indicator of the President’s footprint and how he is shaking the global market place, I had spoken about the steel plant at Manhize and how in a very short period of time Zimbabwe will become one of the top producers of steel in the world. Here is a production of goods which can not be transported by road. It has implications on ports in Mozambique, and it also has implications on the logistics to the ports in Mozambique,” Cde Mutsvangwa said.

“Now the beauty is that the President has attracted the top most logistics companies of the world today, which is DP World of Dubai, which is Dubai Ports. They run ports in America. They run ports in Europe, and they run ports even in Asia.

“DP World is consummating an investment marriage with Tsingshan in Zimbabwe so that there can be a complete integration of the Zimbabwean steel base at Manhize and the global market. Now, there is a prospect that Zimbabwe’s steel would be traded on the Dubai Global Commodities Market.

“You saw the President last week touring the Dubai Global Commodities Market. This is a clear indication that what the President is doing now beginning to resonate with top boardrooms of the best companies in the world.

“This is Zimbabwe, a country of 60 million delivering magic to world global commerce and all this we owe it to President E.D Mnangagwa and his pro-investment policies and his drive to make Zimbabwe a middle income status country by 2030.

He added that “For the young people of Zimbabwe, he is carving out your rightful place in the global marketplace. You will now be walking with your heads high as Zimbabweans as you go to foreign lands to find yourselves already represented by products from your minds and hands being sold in foreign markets. You have that beauty of seeing ‘Made in Zimbabwe’ products in department stores and supermarkets abroad.

“This is what the President is doing for the young people of Zimbabwe today. We want to salute Dr. E.D Mnangagwa and his visionary policies, which are transforming this well-endowed resource rich nation with the best possible minds on the African continent and the most organised labour on the African continent. He is transforming this recipe into something exciting, which is a middle income status nation of Zimbabwe.”