Zim-EU bilateral relations continue to strengthen

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HARARE – Zimbabwe and the European Union will continue engaging each other to strengthen bilateral relations towards building an upper middle-income society as envisaged in vision 2030 Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ambassador Fredrick Shava said.

Minister Shava said this during the EU day commemorations event held in Harare on Friday which attracted 16 countries of the 27 members of the EU.

Speaking during the event Ambassador Shava said, peace and inclusivity were key for the betterment of livelihoods.

“In recent times we have witnessed a multiplicity of challenges to our existence such as terrorism ,conflict among nations,climate change, pandemics,natural disasters.

“In the face of these global challenges,the need for cooperation has been more critical and urgent than ever.It is therefore imperative for all countries and all organisations to work together to build resilient socio-economic systems.

“My Government appreciates the European commitment to chart a new positive trajectory towards improving our relations. We appreciate Ambossor Jobst Von Kirchman for these efforts and hope that will continue to enhance the relations between Government and the European Union for mutual benefit and for wing win outcomes,”said Ambassador Shava.

He applauded the EU for the support rendered on Zimbabwe upcoming elections.

“In the coming full months, Zimbabwe will hold harmonised elections as testimony to our commitment to democracy and democratic processes. We have no doubt that the masses of our people will come out in their millions as in previous plebiscites and participate in electing their leadership in peace and freedom.

“We also appreciate the support that the European Union has extended to the Zimbabwean electoral process through ZEC,particularly for the 2023 harmonised elections.

“This support will go a long way in facilitating the work of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) in delivering its mandate to the people of Zimbabwe,”said Ambassador Shava.

He said EU initiatives were helping strengthen the agricultural sector .

“Government notes with appreciation the team Europe initiatives that are aimed at supporting greener and climate smart agriculture,gender equality and mainstreaming Zimbabwe’s economy in agro base and we therefore appreciate funding that is allocated towards the improvement of our agricultural sector,”he said.

In his remarks EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe Ambassador Jobst Von Kirchman commended the Government for thwarted efforts to create inclusivity.

“We want Zimbabwe to succeed in its vision 2030, and I believe that the high level platform for arrears clearance and debt resolution, as initiated by the Government, is a crucial component of this effort.

“This platform includes on its agenda all current challenging topics: exchange rates, macroeconomic stability, good governance, and land issues. I would like to commend the government for their leadership and ownership of this initiative.

From its own strategies and plans, the Government is proposing to measure success according to international indicators that cover essential governance aspects, such as democratic elections, civil society space, freedom of expression, assembly, and association, as well as the impartiality of the judicial system, to name just a few,”said Ambassador Von Kirchman.

He said the high-level platform arrears clearance and debt resolution had a vast potential of unlocking opportunities to economic growth.

“High-level platform for arrears clearance and debt resolution, as initiated by the Government, is a crucial component of this effort.

“This platform includes on its agenda all current challenging topics:exchange rates,macroeconomic stability, good governance ,and land issues,”said Ambassador Von Kirchman.

He said Zimbabweans had to unite and move forward developing the country and maintain peace and harmony.

“I think this sentence holds significant meaning ,especially during this election year.It is essential to remember that all Zimbabweans ,regardless of their differing opinions and standpoints,and we as partners ,share the same objective: the success of Zimbabwe in its ambitious vision 2030,”he said.

EU day is commemorated on 9 May annually.