Zanu PF steals Chamisa’s party memorial service

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ZANU PF Mazowe district has reportedly hijacked the memorial service of the late Shelton Zongoro who was fatally run over by a ZANU PF official in March at Chaona growth point in Chiweshe, Mazowe ward 2 amid indications that the deceased was a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) member.

Mazowe District Co-ordinating Committee (DCC) spokesperson Kushinga Dutiro said the family approached the party for assistance.

“We were approached by the Zongoro family to assist during the memorial service of the late Shelton who died in an accident on March 26,” Dutiro said.

“Wife to the late Zongoro, Mauld Nyamuwana, is our district secretary for environment and her late husband was also our member unlike the purported CCC claims hence we are going to give full support duribg his memorial service tomorrow.”

CCC president Nelson Chamisa was reportedly supposed to grace the occasion.

Zongoro’s trended in CCC and the media was awash with reports that the late ZANU PF Central Committee member John Nhamburo had deliberately ran over Zongoro thereby killing him on the spot.

Although the police has it on record that Vote Chidanhamabwe (ZANU PF) who was driving a black Mercedes Benz registration number AET 4195 fatally knocked down Zongoro in road traffic accident, the CCC officials chief among them Job Sikhala made the world believe that it was Nhamburo who knocked down Zongoro.

CCC Mashonaland Central chairperson Gorge Gwarada did not respond to questions sent to him on Chamisa’s visit to the memorial service.

However, according to council by-election results in ward 2, ZANU PF had 1456 votes while CCC collected 132 votes.

Alfred Mabwe, a political analyst, said if people believed that the late Zongoro was a CCC member, they were supposed to get sympathy votes.

“If the people of Chiweshe believed that the late Zongoro was their member and was deliberately killed a day before a by-election, people of Chiweshe were going to vote for CCC in protest over the incident but it was not the case. They were defeated with a big margin showing that they did not take the misrepresentation seriously,” Mabwe said.

Family spokesperson Fester Zongoro thanked ZANU PF for their effort so far.

“As Zongoro family, we are very happy to note that Mazowe district (ZANU PF) has come to our rescue. We were so disturbed by the misrepresentation that Shelton was a CCC member. That was a big lie to the world, but the truth has come out on his memorial service,” she said.

Dutiro said they did not claim him on the funeral because CCC officials had claimed that he was their member and had been allegedly killed by a ZANU PF member.

“There was a lot of misrepresentation by CCC on his death hence we did not take part in his funeral because we wanted peace to prevail since CCC was quick to mislead the media,” Dutiro said.

Source – Byo24