Zanu PF Security department to vets aspiring candidates

Mike Bimha
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THE Zanu PF Security department yesterday commenced the meticulous vetting exercise of thousands of CVs that have been submitted from across the country by aspiring candidates, party’s National Political Commissar Mike Bimha has said.

This comes as thousands of people, including the young, old and women have thrown their hats in the ring, seeking to represent the ruling party in the forthcoming elections.

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday Bimha said all the provinces have submitted CVs.

“Now the submissions have been made, the Zanu PF security department has now commenced the vetting exercise which they are going to do from now onwards.

“Because of the time constrains, in whatever we do we now have to work 24 hours to make sure that we meet the deadline.

“The security department is currently looking at the submissions made and vetting them,” he said.

Those with complaints, he said, should submit them in writing, so that they will be dealt with accordingly.

“We anticipate that after the vetting exercise, tomorrow (today) at 5pm we will have a special committee that looks into the complaints which will then convene to look into these complaints one by one and make their recommendations and suggestions,” said Cde Bimha.

After dealing with the complaints, the National Elections Directorate Committee will convene a meeting to consider all the work that has been done and go through all the processes.

In so doing, he said, it will come up with recommendations.

“It is our hope then that once we have information, once we have the returns from these committees and once we have submission from the security department, we will now be ready to convene a meeting of the National Elections Directorate. The committee will consider all the work that has been done, go through all the processes.”

The technical committees, he said are already looking into logistical issues in terms of transportation of ballot papers, printing of ballot papers and deployment of polling officers.

Zanu PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Christopher Mutsvangwa weighed in saying the Politburo will meet to endorse and approve the list of candidates to be voted upon by the membership.

“The Politburo will meet at a convenient date this week before Saturday’s primary elections. The membership at cell level will vote in a manner that as much as possible mimics the upcoming harmonised national elections. That is why the party took the laborious and demanding exercise of cell recruitment and verifying,” he said.

Cde Mutsvangwa added that President Mnangagwa is ensuring that the primary elections comply with the tested and proven historical traditions on one hand and the pedigree of democratic practice in line with the national Constitution.

In the primaries, cell registers will be used as a voters’ roll.

Observers said the overwhelming response from across the different demographic groups and professions is an attestation of the popularity of Zanu PF and its people-tailored policies as enunciated by President Mnangagwa.