Zanu PF says it has closed ranks with ANC to thwart ‘imperialists’

Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu (right) and African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Ace Magashule
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HARARE – Zimbabwean and South African ruling parties Zanu PF and the African National Congress (ANC) have said on Friday said they have become targets of a smear campaign to discredit them as former liberation war movements.

The parties agreed that the continent erstwhile colonisers are working with the opposition parties to cause discord among sister parties.

The state media report says the systematic attack begun with the manufacturing of a non-existent crisis in Zimbabwe by the country’s detractors, who are working with fugitive former G40 functionaries desperate to cast aspersions on the Second Republic’s economic revival and re-engagement efforts.

A virtual meeting between Zanu PF secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu and his South African counterpart Ace Magashule saw the two revolutionary parties pledging to work together to defend the gains of the liberation struggle.

Speaking to the State media last night, Mpofu said the two revolutionary parties were constantly in cordial contact at an inter-party level to confront the cross-sectional attempts to annihilate the standing successes towards entrenching democracy in the SADC region.

“Following regular fraternal engagements with my counterpart Magashule, we have established that there are concerted efforts to attack the gains of the Second-Republic in Zimbabwe as well as the whole region and the continent at large.

“In my intense discussion with him this morning (yesterday), we shared a mutual position that liberation movements must be on the guard against efforts to divide the region,” said Mpofu.

Mpofu said former liberation movements must not stray and be caught up in the whims of externally induced efforts to discredit historical values that have stood the test of time.

“Our interactions as FLM are not only diplomatic, but they are premised on sound ideological brotherhood and a history of massive sacrifice. We are connected by our dedication to African Unity and not organised ploys by imperialists to misdirect our unity.

“Therefore, it must be known that we are cordially in contact at an inter-party level to confront the cross-sectional attempts to annihilate the standing successes of our democracy in the SADC,” he said.

Mpofu noted imperialistic attempts to discredit the country by falsely claiming that there are human rights violations.

“What has been presented as the violation of human rights in Zimbabwe is part of the exhausted script of the MDC Alliance’s failure to come to terms with its defeat in the 2018 Harmonised Elections. Moreover, we are aware that the purported instability in Zimbabwe is precipitated by disgruntled fugitives and ejected elements from the revolutionary party, ZANU PF.”

He further said the leaders of the two parties President Mnangagwa and President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa enjoy cordial relations.

“I am aware of the profound relations between President Mnangagwa and President Ramaphosa of South Africa. Equally, the two Heads of State are constantly exchanging notes on issues affecting Zimbabwe and South Africa. Contrary to the unpopular misrepresentation of issues, there have been no cases of State incentivised human rights abuses. Given the international lockdown measures, all that the Government of Zimbabwe has done is to contain the breaching of lockdown protocols.

“This is because we are sensitive to the severe effects of the Covid-19 pandemic to human life.

“The misplaced anti-Zimbabwe campaign on social media aligns with retrogressive regime change elements backed by their external neo-colonial handlers.

“In fact, the pictures and video clips being circulated in the mainstream and social media are old footages which are not reflective of the current state of peace and tranquillity in Zimbabwe,” expressed Mpofu.

Zimbabwe and South Africa enjoy strong cordial relations which date back to the liberation struggle against colonialism and Apartheid.