Zanu PF rebuffs Khupe’s overtures

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Zanu-PF acting spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa has rubbished opposition MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe’s push for a government of national unity.

Chinamasa told journalists during a party Press conference in Harare that the opposition must know that once they lose an election, they have no right to be in government.

“The opposition must know that once they lose an election, they have no right to be in government. We have a two thirds majority in Parliament and we won the election resoundingly, and so why should we have a government of national unity?” Chinamasa asked.

There has been speculation that since Khupe took over the MDC-T leadership in an acting capacity and asserted herself as the leader of the opposition in Parliament, she would soon sweet talk Zanu-PF into a coalition government.

Chinamasa’s utterances on sanctions also came at a time the US went to the polls yesterday, and analysts have pointed out that whether current President Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the elections, the US-Zimbabwe relations would remain frosty and the sanctions regime would be maintained.

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said: “Whatever way, Zimbabwe loses and it will change nothing because US institutions are a straitjacket and do not necessarily alter because some individual has occupied Office of the President. That said, Zimbabwe is understood better by the US government under Democrats than under Republicans.”

Another analyst Okay Machisa said: “I don’t see any foreign policy change in the US whether Trump gets it or Biden gets it. If you look at the time of George Bush, you go to Barack Obama and then Trump, you will see that the foreign policy on Zimbabwe has not really shifted and I foresee it actually being maintained like that.”

He said the onus was on Zimbabwe to show the international community that it had fundamentally shifted from Mugabeism.

Source – newsday